Best Priorities Worksheet to Find out what you value most in life

Prioritize Worksheet

The only true way to prioritize what is most important to you is to rank what you value in a numerical list. So, the first step in The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner starts on prioritize worksheet, where 75 values are listed. Scan the list and circle or check the ones that speak to you. Some will stand out more than others. Then, at the bottom of the page, prioritize your top 10 personal values by ranking them. Once you have ranked your personal values, stop and reflect on how you spend your time and money. Are your daily choices lining up with what you really believe to be most important in your life?

This worksheet will help you determine your Priorities. Take the time to review the list and mark the ones that are the most important in your life. Live a life in harmony and joy by aligning your daily choices with your priorities using this worksheet.

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