Seven Minutes Pocket Journal - Blank journal with lined pages, hardback

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The 7 Minute Life™ begins with establishing regular routines into your daily life. One of these ideas is to create a “5 before 11™” list in this lined journal. Your 5 before 11™ list is a prioritized list of the 5 highest value activities that you are willing to commit to completing before 11:00am the next day. The Seven Minutes Pocket Journal is a simple time management and productivity tool designed to help you create a daily written plan of action. The power of this one tool cannot be overstated. Business men and women live in a constant state of reaction. There is so little time to proactively determine which daily activities will help you reach your 90 day goals. This journal encourages you to review your 90 day goals and then translate them into daily activities. How radically different could your life be if you started your day knowing what 5 specific action steps you needed to focus on to draw you closer to reaching your goals? These activities are your 5 before 11™.

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