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Our proven productivity system teaches you how to master time management through simple daily habits. Reduce stress. Accomplish more goals. And live with greater purpose each day.

Create Rock-Solid Habits, 7 Minutes at a Time

Are you overwhelmed, stuck, frozen, and exhausted?

Daily Progress Report: A game-changer for managing your time. In just 7 minutes, identify key tasks, create action plans, and build powerful habits. Experience elevated productivity, reduced stress, and intentional living. Learn more about our most popular daily planning worksheet to improve your time management skills.

Get Organized

Consolidate life’s details in one place.

Celebrate Success

Feel the satisfaction of completing tasks.

Achieve Your Goals

Stay reminded and motivated every day.

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Live a More Purposeful Life

Prioritize joy and fulfillment.

Boost Focus & Clarity

Zero in on what truly matters.

Ease Your Mind

Find peace with a structured plan.

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Develop Life-Changing 7 Minute Routines

With The 7 Minute Life, just 1% of your day creates 100% change.

Devote 7 focused minutes in the morning to think, plan, and prioritize your High Value Actions.
And take 7 minutes at night to review and reflect.

Time management is a skill. Our time management assessments, tools, and workbooks are designed to teach you how to reclaim the minutes of your day. These quick routines, formed into daily habits, have profound impact over time. In the mornings you optimize your day ahead. At night you learn and improve. By consistently bookending with purpose, you reduce stress, accomplish more goals, and live intentionally. This elegantly simple approach lets you master your minutes and transform your days. Start maximizing your time and life with just 7 minutes.

7 Minutes

Meet The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner
The Proven System to Organize Your Day and Achieve Your Goals

Time management begins with discovering how you prefer to plan your day. Life can feel chaotic and out of control. Endless tasks, distractions, stresses competing for your time. But what if just 7 minutes could change everything? The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is the proven system to take control and achieve your goals. This complete planner transforms your days through simple, effective routines.

Spend just 7 focused minutes each morning planning and organizing your day. Set priorities. Outline next actions. This intentional routine reduces anxiety and boosts productivityThen reflect for 7 minutes each evening. Review accomplishments. Learn lessons. Improve. This develops powerful habits over time.

The 7 Minute Life Planner provides a daily framework for time mastery, intentional living, and lasting fulfillment.

The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is the ultimate tool for managing your time and living purposefully. Just 7 minutes, morning and evening, can transform your days. The planner keeps your vision aligned with 90-day goals while enabling daily discipline. You gain a greater sense of progress.

Each morning, the planner guides you to plan your most important tasks. This reduces anxiety and sets you up to efficiently get the right things done. Each evening, the reflection prompts help you review and improve. This gradually develops productivity habits.

This simple, consistent 7 minute routine leads to reduced stress, increased productivity, and lasting fulfillment. The 7 Minute Life Planner is the proven path to master your minutes and own your days. Just 7 minutes can create lasting positive change.

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Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify Your Life with the 7 Minute Morning and Evening Routines

The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is built on the neuroscience of creating repeatable processes and systems. Get your copy of the daily planner and begin to benefit from the power of creating new habits of success.

7 Minute Life Morning and Evening Routine

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The 7 Minute Life is a professional development and training company that offers practical tools and resources to help individuals and organizations improve productivity, time management, and overall work-life balance. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, the company provides customized solutions that can be applied to various industries. We are excited to work with you and your team. Contact us.

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Busy was Killing Me!

“I was 43 years old. A working mother of two small children. I was surrounded by clutter and disorganization. I was overwhelmed, stuck and exhausted and felt like I was drifting through life. I hit a tipping point and became deeply aware that I had to make a choice. I wanted my life to be different. I wanted to organize my time, reconnect with my priorities, understand my purpose.

My tipping point sparked two decades of researching time management and well-being. The methods I developed landed me in the top 11% of sales in my industry, but most importantly: it connected me with my purpose and passion again.

You don’t have to spend 30 years researching to see a difference in your life. I’ve taught repeatable time management systems to thousands of people to help them see the same results. So don’t wait… get your copy of the Daily Planner and enroll in our “Mastering Your Time Management Course” today!

Welcome to The 7 Minute Life!

Allyson Lewis

Founder/CEO, The 7 Minute Life

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