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Stop using to-do lists, sticky notes, and envelopes to manage your life,
put everything in one convenient place with
The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner.

  • Set your priorities and stick to them
  • Learn to avoid interruptions and distractions
  • Master the chaos of endless unfinished tasks
  • Declutter your mind and your life
  • Beat procrastination
  • Get rid of stress and anxiety
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Have time for the people and things you love
  • Live according to your true purpose!
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Introducing 7 Minute Planner App

Everything you need to manage your time, achieve your goals, and balance your life at work and
at home will now fit in the palm of your hand.

The 7 Minute Planner app helps you find what’s most important in your life by:

  • Identifying your top 10 values
  • Discovering your personal purpose with an easy step-by-step process
  • Establishing clear goals (life, financial, personal and work) and the action steps to achieve them
  • Easily importing tasks from multiple worksheets with just a few clicks
  • Re-establishing your values every 90 days.
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Allyson Lewis

She was named one of the top 10 most influential people in productivity. She has delivered 700+ presentations to businesses, universities, non-profits, annual conferences, and sales teams.


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The 7 Minute Life has created 20+ time management tools to provide repeatable systems to answer questions like: What is your purpose ? What are your personal goals? What is your written daily plan of action?



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Continual learning is important for self-development. People around the world struggle with not having enough time. We have books, planners, and the  7 Minute Planner app. There is
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We are a consulting company focusing
on time management, goal setting, and team communication.

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Hello, I’m Allyson Lewis a Corporate Consultant, Trainer, and Business Coach living in Jonesboro, Arkansas. What makes me different? My clients don’t want to get more done, they want to reconnect with their purpose. My clients want their life to matter.

I have over 30 years of experience working as a corporate executive in the financial services industry. I work with businesses and individuals who want to improve their productivity, set goals to increase their profitability, and improve team communications to increase morale and retention. I am passionate about creating tools and solutions allowing people to prioritize, organize, and simplify their lives at work and at home.

If you feel stuck, and you are ready to take action…

I’d love to talk to you. Get in touch.

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Improve Your Time Management with a single sheet of paper

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Are You Ready To Make Life Easy?

Why The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner?

This 4 minute video explanation of The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner shares tools and ideas built to inspire you to live a life with meaning. You can be different tomorrow. Take the first step and watch this video that launched the 7 Minute revolution. Time management will never be the same.

Take a 2 minute tour

In this incredibly short video tour of our most powerful time management and life management tool, you will experience a tiny glimpse of how The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is changing lives all around the world. Get Started. Buy your copy for $24.95.

 “Change happens in an instant. It happens the moment you DECIDE to change.” ~Allyson Lewis


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Do you know when you have done enough?

That may sound like a strange question. But, how often do you end your day feeling like you didn’t do enough? (Even when you’ve worked really hard.)

You can put an end to feeling that way and get more done by creating scoring system for your work. I discovered this as a financial manager when I created a simple scoring system for contacting prospective clients.

I set up an easy-to-follow point system for tracking contacts I made and everyday I set a point goal. I knew when I hit my point goal I had done enough.

My simple system had a dramatic impact on my life in three ways:

  1. Replacing the stress of failing to do enough with a sense of satisfaction for hitting my goals
  2. Accomplishing more by having a clear measurable goal everyday
  3. Increased profit

In this Tuesday’s webinar, I will share with you the principles I used to create my system so that you can create a scoring system of your own.

While my focus was customer contacts, you can apply the same principles to countless other types of work to reduce your stress, increase what you get done, and finally have the victory of saying, “Today, I did enough.”

  • TOPIC:  Driving Constant Progress through Weekly Reviews
  • Instructor:  John Arnold
  • Course Length: 60 Minutes
  • Followed by Q&A

Do you have any of these common avoidable problems?:

  • Do you frequently set goals and then lose site of them? This can result in missed deadlines, late night panicked scrambles, and costly mistakes.
  • Similarly, do you find yourself stomping out fires on an all too frequent basis?
  • Or lastly, do you ever just flat out fail to complete goals you had every intention of doing but never got around to working on?

A simple discipline of weekly reviewing can not only eliminate most of these problems, but it can also set you up to improve your performance week after week.

John Arnold shares his personal weekly review practice he used last year to crush his goals, decrease his stress, and head off eleventh hour mad dashes to complete projects. Click the button below to watch this empowering video.

How many times have you vowed to change, to get better organized, and to be on top of things? And yet, despite your best efforts you plummet back into procrastination and drown in distractions, sometimes within just a couple of days.

Wouldn’t being able to change once and for all be wonderful? Well, you can.

The key is neuroplasticity, the brain science behind how you establish new behaviors. This topic may sound nerdy and unrelated to time management, but neuroplasticity is also 100% the key to successful time management.

In this video, Allyson shows you why and how you can use the science of neuroplasticity to take charge of creating positive changes in your life that last.

Watch this video to:

  • Discover how to get out of lifeless ruts of old self-defeating patterns
  • Learn how to create new thought patterns that lead toward you passion, purpose, and goals.
  • Access your highest potential by make the most of your mind

Join us for a live time management webinar or training

You can sign up for any upcoming events on our website at: http:the7minutelife.com/events.

If you got everything done on your to-do list today, what would be the point of it all?

Really stop and think about that. What is the purpose behind what you are doing? What is your purpose?

In order to be successful, both personally and professionally, you must be able to clearly articulate your goals. But before you can do that, you must understand what your purpose in life is.

Knowing your life purpose will benefit you in at least three critical ways:

  1. Meaning – When you live into your life purpose at the end of the day you can look back with satisfaction and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you did made a difference.  You can end the day feeling satisfied evening the midst of demanding circumstances.
  2. Direction – Do you ever struggle to know what you should spend your time on?  Knowing your purpose can help you see clearly what is important.  You can let go of other demands without feeling guilty.
  3.  Power – You can bear almost any burden as long as you know that it fulfills a purpose.  That’s why parents can make tremendous sacrifices for their children.  They know they have a purpose to provide and protect their child.  Armed with that knowledge they can take on extra hours at work or stay up late nights and think nothing of it.

Watch the video and learn more.  Understanding your life purpose is vital to managing your time well, reducing stress, and live a life you love.

In this video, led by John Arnold you will also:

  • Discover the three essential elements of a life-giving purpose
  • Learn to how to write a powerful purpose statement by avoiding three common mistakes.
  • Receive a step-by-step easy to follow process to write you own unique purpose statement as a guide for more meaningful living.

Enjoy the video.

In this webinar, John Arnold dives into project management tips and tricks to help you crush your goals, save time, and increase your productivity.

Here’s just a taste of what you get in this webinar:

  • Discover the value of identifying your “hard” and “soft” metrics to stay motivated and focused.
  • How to create a project dashboard to keep you organized, prevent mistakes, and make working with teams easier
  • Learn how to leverage batch processing for greater efficiency
  • 3 “planning assets” to save time and make repetitive work push button easy
  • Use the power of “minimal viable solutions” to insure projects get done on time (or ahead of schedule) and with better results

Please don’t miss out on this invaluable webinar,

Allyson Lewis

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Our programs are not a bunch of theory and hype.  We teach in depth hands-on workshops. Allyson has developed more than three dozen FREE time management tools, worksheets, checklists, and assessments.

You will receive unlimited access to our powerful concepts that will give you the edge you need to outperform your peers, bust through roadblocks, and streamline your business model, right down to the first action you take when you step in the office next Monday morning.  This is a rare and stimulating opportunity to advance your business.

The 7 Minute Life provides an extraordinary training environment for individuals and businesses to improve their business and personal development skills.

We Work with Businesses

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. We provide business and personal skills training for your team members and associates. The list below shares some of benefits of hiring Allyson Lewis and The 7 Minute Life to increase corporate productivity, employee engagement, and profitability.

  • Improve your time management skills
  • Increase personal and corporate daily productivity
  • Learn how to set and achieve realistic but challenging goals
  • Attract and develop talent
  • Set a vision of innovation
  • Become a leader in forecasting the unexpected future needs of customers
  • Develop team communication and collaboration
  • Implement repeatable processes and systems
  • Encourage the freedom to break the repeatable processes and systems and build new processes
  • Build an undeniable corporate culture
  • Increase employee retention

We Work with Individuals

The 7 Minute Life teaches time management skills and so much more. Time Management is life management. Our personal development includes learning more about your priorities, purpose, and how you can live a life with more meaning.

  • Understand who you are today
  • Determine who you want to be in the future
  • Understand what you love about their work
  • Believe in your personal strengths
  • Reengage in your life and your work
  • Reconnect with your priorities
  • Rediscover your purpose in life
  • Learn how to live life in alignment with who you are and what you believe

Speaking, Training, and Coaching

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Corporate Training
  • Team Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Two-hour / Four-hour / Full Day / Multi-day Life Training
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Live Online Training Courses

New Year’s resolutions seldom work, but well-crafted goals with a few proven strategies can transform not only your year but your life.  Find out from time management experts, Allyson Lewis and John Arnold, not only how to create meaningful and achievable goals, but the strategies to keep you motivate.  Come join us to craft your goals for your best year ever.

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