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Hello, I’m Allyson Lewis a Corporate Consultant, Trainer, and Business Coach living in Jonesboro, Arkansas. What makes me different? My clients don’t want to get more done, they want to reconnect with their purpose. My clients want their life to matter.

I have over 30 years of experience working as a corporate executive in the financial services industry. I work with businesses and individuals who want to improve their productivity, set goals to increase their profitability, and improve team communications to increase morale and retention. I am passionate about creating tools and solutions allowing people to prioritize, organize, and simplify their lives at work and at home.

If you feel stuck, and you are ready to take action…

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If you are not 100% satisfied with your life right now, I would bet that you fall in one of two categories of people who need change.
  1. Your life has become overwhelming.  You go to bed tired.  Wake up tired and just want to get back in control somehow, but you don’t know how.  Your suffering from what I call being in the “daily grind” mode.
  2.  You are in the wrong place.  You are in the wrong job, community, relationship or some other context that make you feel like a square peg in a round hole.
In today’s video, I share two candid snapshots from my life about times when I desperately desired change and what it took to make the change happen.
Watch this video if either one of the scenarios I mentioned is at all your situation.
You don’t have to be stuck.

Executive Coaching Allyson Lewis


When Your To-Do List Becomes the Problem.

Your to-do list should make life easier, reduce your stress and give you a sense of being in control and getting things done.  But as I have coached thousands of people as a time management expert, I’ve seen that the norm is this…

  • You create a list with more tasks than you can possibly get done.
  • As the day passes, you add more to the list than you cross off.
  • To make matters worse most of your time gets devoured by things that weren’t even on your list.

The result…

You end your day, feeling guilty, overwhelmed, stuck, and dreading tomorrow because you are living in chaos.  You feel like a time management disaster.

If this is even partially true for you, you need to understand two things.  First, you are not alone.  You are suffering from an extremely common time management problem and one I personally struggled with.  I remember frequently feeling like a failure.  I thought to myself,

“I have a to-do list.  Isn’t that what organized people do?”

There is a solution.

Second, life doesn’t have to be chaotic.  I realized, “Yes, organized people work from a list, but not all lists are created equal.” A close look revealed most of what was on my list couldn’t actually be done.  You’ll see what I mean in the video.  I explain how my list was broken (and your’s most likely is too) so you won’t make the same mistakes I did.  Plus, I share with you one of our most powerful time management strategies that we’ve seen double some people’s productivity.

What you should do IMMEDIATELY after you watch the video.

Set a timer for just seven minutes and plan your work for tomorrow.  Apply the strategies shared in the video.  You will check more off of your list tomorrow, if you use these strategies.  You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done.  Plus, you will feel better when you actually have a list that’s a solution, not a problem.

Please like, share, and comment below.

Oh, by the way, I have another video coming out in just a day or two.  The next video will help you understand why the important things in life like family, exercise, leisure time, or your hopes and dreams, keep getting squeezed out of your schedule.

This time management training video will probably turn your understanding of how to manage time upside down and reveal why your life is needlessly harder than it should be.

Before I explain why you should watch this video, be aware that this is the first of three FREE training videos designed to help you manage your time better and avoid costly mistakes that are epidemic.

More importantly, I want to help you enjoy a level of life that is only available to those who manage time well.  Links to the other videos will be added below as they are released.

Why you should watch this…

If you don’t understand what’s in this video, you’re doomed to endlessly fight your way up a ladder only to find it’s leaning against the wrong building.

You may think I am being overly dramatic. I am not. There was a time when I was constantly overwhelmed by demands at work and home. I was perpetually busy and yet, felt I had little to show for it.

Many people saw me as accomplished, but all I could see was a person who had a hundred things she hadn’t gotten done.

I had NO IDEA why life was so needlessly hard until I realized my whole approach to time management (the way most people do it) was literally upside down from what it should be. You’ll see what I mean in the video.

You’ll also see the exact process and three time management worksheets, I’ve used to reorder my time.

You can immediately use these same time management tools to reorder your time and life.

If I could do it, you definitely can too. I know this is true because as a time management expert, I have shared these tools with thousands of other people and seen them transform people’s lives.

And…it all begins with what’s in this video.

Enjoy the free training,


PS: I loved shooting this video. It’s the very heart of why The 7 Minute Life changes lives and I became a time management trainer.

I’m not sure what brought you to this article, may be it’s because you are…

  • Weary and don’t feel like there is never enough time.
  • Tired of feeling disorganized and like life is constantly chaotic.
  • Wanting to carve out time for your family and friends
  • Feeling like your living way below your potential
  • Know you could achieve more if you just had a system to keep everything straight
  • Ready to end the day feeling joyful and satisfied

If any of those statements apply to you and you found this free training helpful, then I can help you even more with our live online course.  Registration is open right now. Find out how to manage time better and enjoy life more by clicking the button below.

Get Started Here!

How to Define Time Management
Time management is a process of planning the length of time you will consciously choose and deliberately focus your attention starting and completely finishing one specific activity.
~Allyson Lewis


This video explains, time management expert, Allyson Lewis’s definition of time management. She walks through the seven steps of time management:
– Process
– Planning
– How long a task will take to complete
– Learn to consciously choose the task
– Deliberately focus your attention
– On one specific task
– Until completely finished

The Definition of Time Management

The 7 Minute Life is a time management training and coaching company. This is our definition of time management:

Time management is a process of planning the length of time you will consciously choose and deliberately focus your attention starting and completely finishing one specific activity. ~Allyson Lewis

By breaking down this simple definition you will learn specific concepts to improve your personal time management skills.

1.     A Process of Planning
Time management begins with thinking. Planning is by definition a process that must take place prior to taking action. Planning allows you to choose your actions. Planning is a process of developing your strategic plan for each day.  Walking into your office with clarity and purpose is a powerful motivator. The emotional benefit of planning your day is just as powerful as successfully executing that plan.

For example if, you have an appointment with a prospective client scheduled for Thursday. The emotional response to your success does not begin Thursday. The emotional response begins with the time you spend planning for your meeting. Planning creates anticipation. Planning fills you with enthusiasm, excitement and confidence. In this scenario, the need to plan your actions prior to your meeting is obvious.

Improving your daily productivity is directly correlated to improving your time management. Strategic plans begin with writing down your thoughts and distilling your ideas into a daily written plan of action.The most powerful way to improve your time management and increase your motivation is to ask yourself one simple question, “What is my goal for today?”

Answering that single question will become the compass for your planning. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down your answers to that question. If your goal is to call clients, then set a concrete goal for how many clients you will call and develop your written plan of action. If your goal is to complete a performance review, then plan the steps you need to take to accomplish that task. When you ask the question, “What is my goal for today?,” planning and thinking about what you want to accomplish by five o’clock help you reach that goal.


2.     The Length of Time
Time is a commodity. There are twenty-four hours in each day. Time is nothing more than a “boundary” dictating how many tasks you can complete in a single day. Imagine an empty eight-ounce glass on your kitchen counter. Next, imagine taking a pitcher of water and pouring eight ounces of water in the glass. Wait an hour and try to pour four more ounces into your imaginary eight-ounce glass. In your mind you see water spilling over the rim of the glass and dripping down your kitchen cabinets.

The limited capacity of time is a boundary you face everyday. If you have an eight-hour workday how is it possible to accomplish more tasks than time will allow. Filling your day too full is a reminder of the eight-ounce glass. As your work overflows the boundaries of time, doing more does not deliver more productivity. Being realistic with how much time you need to complete your daily tasks reduces stress, anxiety and procrastination.

There is a limited capacity of time. How much time will you need to complete your goals?

3.     Consciously and Deliberately
How you choose to spend your time affects everything aspect of your life including: family, friends, health, emotions, and fulfillment.

Time is how you experience life. Busy-ness, anxiety, procrastination, frustration, distraction, and having too much to do will negatively impact the quality of your life.

Time management is a process of choosing to make conscious and deliberate daily decisions. The life you experience is dictated by the choices you make every millisecond of each day. When you choose to take one action, you are consciously choosing not to do something else. What actions will you consciously and deliberately plan to accomplish today?

4.     Focus Your Attention
Time management is more specifically attention management. Various studies state adults have attention spans ranging from two seconds to twenty minutes. Your attention oscillates throughout the day based on exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and, of course, your interest in your work you are focusing on at that moment.

Here are several ways to improve your time management by focusing your attention:

  • Ask, “What is my goal for today?”
  • Break down your goal into tasks that can be placed into your written plan of action
  • Write down five micro-actions that you will commit to accomplishing before eleven o’clock – we call this creating your “5 before 11” list
  • Micro-actions are tasks that can be started and completely finished in one single length of time.
  • Micro-actions must be short enough that a single person (you) can finish them within the limits of your personal attention span.
  • Be realistic when you create your “5 before 11” list. There is a limited capacity of time.
  • Facing challenges increase your attention span
  • Learning new skills increase your attention span


The 7 Minute Life is a time management coaching and consulting company. If you are interested in improving your daily productivity, read more about at our #1 Daily Planner. Scan the following list of time management and personal growth concepts:

Time Management

  • Think
  • Plan
  • Clarify
  • Set Goals
  • Communicate
  • Develop Projects
  • Prioritize
  • Sequence
  • Create a Daily Written Plan of Action
  • 5 before 11
  • Micro-Actions
  • Set Milestones
  • Accountability
  • Make decisions
  • Start and Completely Finish
  • Delegate
  • Roles
  • Schedule
  • Repeatable Processes
  • Systems
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Repetition

Personal Growth

  • Purpose
  • Action
  • Organize
  • Simplify
  • De-Clutter
  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Determination
  • Imagination
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability
  • Challenge
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Motivation
  • Authenticity
  • Congruence

Defining time management is just the beginning. Today you have twenty-four hours. What is your goal for today?

Is your time management broken?

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