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Time Management You Have Time For

The 7 Minute Life helps busy people get their schedules under control so they have more time for “the good stuff” in life.

In just 14 minutes a day – 7 minutes in the morning and 7 minutes in the evening – you’ll be able to streamline the other 99% of your time. When “what you have to do” gets done faster, you’ll have more time for “what you want to do.”

Top 3 Time Management Mistakes - Free Report

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Download our free report “The Top 3 Time Management Mistakes and How to Correct them!” and discover how you can do LESS – But do MORE of what is Most important. This report is for you if you keep thinking:

  • “If only I had more time…”
  • “If only I could get more done…”
  • “I will have more time once I…”

If you’re feeling overly busy and wondering how you can get more done (without having to learn some complex time management system) this report is the ultimate shortcut. Let us walk you through common mistakes, and HOW to overcome them!


Life shouldn’t be an endless task list

What makes The 7 Minute Life different from other time management tools is the motivation behind what we do. We don’t believe that life should be a race to get more done, every day, day after day until you die.

We believe that a well-lived life is full of joy and purpose. So we help you get your to-do list checked off more efficiently so you have time left for things that give your life meaning.

Weapons for your fight against busyness

Customize your experience with these helpful time management tools. Whatever your vision for your life, these tools will help you achieve it!


ANYONE can do this

You don’t have to be a superhuman organizer to make
The 7 Minute Life system work for you. This system has helped thousands of people at big corporations, in the living rooms of retirees, in the carpool lines for busy parents, and everyone in between.

The 7 Minute Life was developed by Allyson Lewis, who has ADD, to be super do-able even for people who may have trouble staying focused and on task.

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