Reach Your Full Potential

Time Management Skills + Clear Life Plan in just 7 minutes.

Be your best self. We’ll train you and your team to become organized, productive, purposeful, and happier…. 7 minutes at a time.


What’s is the most important thing you want to achieve right now?

Time is your most valuable asset. The  7 Minute tools, ideas, checklists, processes, and repeatable systems you will be able to use your time more effectively to energize yourself, to inspire yourself, to connect with the self you want to be, and to accomplish more in the next ninety days than you ever have before. 

Be your best self.

Reach Your Full Potential

There is a mental health crisis in the US leading to 85% of workers being passively or actively disengaged. People are overwhelmed, stuck, frozen, exhausted, unhappy, and drifting through life. 

We are passionate about helping individuals and companies thrive. We are guided by our core values of purpose, passion, belonging, kindness, trust, creativity, curiosity, innovation, social impact, and making a difference in the world.

For almost three decades we’ve built and delivered a step-by-step process that teaches people how to improve their personal time management skills, create a life plan, and reconnect with their priorities and purpose in life. Our training, tools, and technology are creating a shift in personal and professional development. We help people create a life with meaning 7 minutes at a time.

We would love to help you and your company thrive.
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Achieve More In Less Time

Get more done. Prune out unimportant tasks and get more of the right things done.

Reach Your Goals

Accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Set and attain challenging goals.

Live With Passion

Rediscover purpose and meaning in work. Reconnect with your priorities, spend time on what matters most.

Gain Clear Direction

Build self-awareness. Focus on mindfulness, work/life balance, and clarity.

Business Results

Grow your business. Revenues, profitability, and engagement are driven by repeatable processes and systems.

Make A Difference

Promote well-being and mental health awareness in the workplace. Implement personal, professional, and leadership development.




The 7 Minute Life To-Do List


Improve Your Time Management

Welcome to The 7 Minute Life. We are a time management company and we’re so glad you are here.

My name is Allyson Lewis. I am the Founder and CEO of The 7 Minute Life. I created this company because I had terrible time management skills. I was overwhelmed, stuck, frozen, exhausted. Basically, my life was a mess. If this sounds like you, then are in good company. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their time management, increase their daily productivity, and learn how to get more of the right things done.

And, our process is really simple. It all started with  a single sheet of paper – and, an ink pen.

I created the concepts of The 7 Minute Life To-Do List almost 30 years ago. This worksheet changed my life, and I know it will change your life.

  • Organize your day
  • Clarify what you need to accomplish
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Implement repeatable processes and systems
  • Focus on accomplishing your 5 most important tasks before 11 o’clock
  • Do what you said you would do

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Learn How To Improve Your Time Management


A step-by-step productivity and time management course designed to help you stop living in chaos.
Take this course to stop procrastinating, organize your day, and fight burnout.

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Time Management Course

Spend a little money on your own self-care. Stop putting yourself last.


Imagine a world where every person has a life plan… and the “time” to live to their highest human potential.

Praise from our clients and students.

"Accessible, easy to use, ready to go. The 7 Minute Life takes helpful information and organizes it in a way that is very useable right away. It is so easy to pick up, use the tools, and see them work effectively, in real time, each day. This takes away the confusing “how” of making changes and really empowers you to take back control of your time."

"I thought this was a very worthwhile experience. It was not a typical business workshop. The overall theme was more about creating a purpose rather than just a few marketing ideas. Time well spent."

"This Masterclass reinforced my beliefs and compassions and will help me to re-focus on my business and on my personal vision and purpose in life. This was unlike most training sessions, this session contained actionable ideas and tools that can be used by professionals at all levels. Dynamic and engaging presentation."

"Thanks, Allyson! You are a great motivator and a testament to success. I believe that with this material I can truly increase my production by 200+% as well as become a better person. Your ideas are very usable, and I now have a purpose in life."

"The 7 Minute Life teaches you how to connect priorities and goals to high-value tasks, so your day is more productive, not just busy. After taking the course and using the tools, I start my day with a clear focus. My projects move forward, and my goals get accomplished. Life feels better, all with 7 minutes of planning."

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