Time Management Strategies for 2016

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Length 75 Minutes
This is the first of a growing
list of online classes
taught by Allyson Lewis.

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Time Management Strategies
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Hi, this is Allyson Lewis. Click to play the 4-minute video shown above. I believe this short video will be the beginning of learning why improving your time management is important.

  • no more to-do lists
  • no more lost sticky notes
  • learn how to create a daily written plan of action
  • prioritize your tasks
  • move from stuck to productive
  • have time to reconnect with life

The first in a new series of online classes, Time Management Strategies moves you from chaos to productivity. This class teaches time management concepts and arms you with every tool you need to make this the most productive year of your life so far.

Allyson Lewis walks you through the following video training topics:

  1. Understand the Philosophy of Improving Time Management in 7 Minutes
  2. Can Your Life Really Be Different? Yes, By Taking Tiny Steps: Micro-Actions
  3. Why 7 Minutes?
  4. How to Get Rid of Your To-Do List
  5. Motivation and Inner Drive – The New Definition of Time Management
  6. “I never have enough time!” Acknowledging The Pain of Stress and Anxiety
  7. There are Only 24 Hours a Day – The 15 Minute Increment Worksheet
  8. Managing Distractions, Procrastination, and Lack of Attention
  9. A System to Prioritize Your Most Important Tasks: the 5 before 11 List
  10. How to Create a Written Daily Plan of Action – Moving From Chaos to Productivity



You already know what you need to do to improve your time management. This course, Time Management Basics from The 7 Minute Life teaches you how you can improve your time management skills in 7 Minutes.

Now you have a simple choice, stay where you are or enroll in this course.

“Change happens in an Instant. It happens the moment you DECIDE to change!”
~ Allyson Lewis

Yes! I have DECIDED to change!

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