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About Us - The 7 Minute Life

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A Time Management Company






Our Mission is to help busy people reconnect with their passion & get their schedules under control  so they have more time for “the good stuff” in life.

Our Amazing Team

We are changing lives '7 Minutes' at a time.

Allyson Lewis

CEO / Director of Learning and Innovation

Laura Meek

Financial Administrator

John Arnold

Chief Inspiration Officer

Sabina Blackshare

Marketing Administrator

Jacob Worenklein

Lead Investor / Advisor

Eric Mathews


Courtney Pike

Administration and Project Management

Patrick van der Burght


What Makes Us Different?

The 7 Minute Life views time management through the filters of priorities, purpose, and your life goals. Our process begins by asking a series of questions that include:

  • What do you value most in life?
  • What makes life meaningful?
  • Do you have a deep understanding of your purpose in life?
  • Why have you been placed on the earth?
  • How will you use your gifts and talents to make the world a better place?
  • Who and what do you love?
  • What drives you?
  • Do you goals that bring fulfillment to your life?
  • Do you work from a written daily plan of action?
  • Are you training yourself to focus on accomplishing your most important tasks?
  • Are you able to celebrate the small wins?
  • What are you grateful for today?

Where Productivity & Purpose
Meet Happiness

The 7 Minute Life is a company sharing time management, goal setting, communication, and strategic planning ideas, strategies and tools to help you become more deliberate about the life you lead. Time is how you experience life. Your time and your energy are both finite resources. By prioritizing your core values, creating your written purpose statement and establishing your 90-day goals, you can reconnect with life.

Corporate Information

A strategy is a plan, a method revolving around a series of intentional activities to reach a specific goal. The 7 Minute Life is continually developing new time management tools to prioritize, organize, and simplify your life at work and at home. It is our goal to deliver innovative systems, and processes that are visual, valuable, understandable, and repeatable.

Time management is a skill that is deeply intertwined with how your brain receives and filters information. We believe time management is actual attention management. Moment by moment your attention oscillates based on many factors including: the degree of interest you have in the activity, the clarity of the project, and the number of interruptions. Even more compelling is how lack of sleep, exercise, hydration, and nutrition affect your ability to focus your concentration on your work. Improving time management increases engagement, daily productivity, and revenues.

Our Promise

The 7 Minute Life is time management training and coaching company delivering proprietary skill sets intentionally built to motivate individuals to re-connect with their full potential in life. We provide written tools, processes, checklists and repeatable systems to reduce the number of decisions individuals make every day. The system doesn’t merely skim the surface of efficient utilization of time but goes deep for those who wish to understand the functioning of the human brain and how change can be made to last. 


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PO Box 17284
Jonesboro, AR 72403

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