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The 7 Minute Life  is a global leader helping individuals and companies find purpose and happiness in their work and life.

Our technology, tools, worksheets, strategic templates, daily planners, books, speaking, training programs, coaching, masterclasses, and online courses will take your well-being initiatives from a concept to actionable outcomes.
The workforce is faced with uncertainty, stress, anxiety, and profound mental health implications. Our mission is to deliver personal, professional, and leadership development while aligning each individual’s daily work with their internal need for:

  • love, passion, purpose, belonging, kindness, trust
  • well-being, emotional intelligence, happiness, collaboration
  • productivity, diversity, leadership skills, employee retention
  • work/life balance, clear direction, innovation
  • team communication, social impact, continual learning
  • challenging work, growth and making a difference in the world

Reinventing Well- Being in the Workplace
Purpose. Innovation. Creativity. Excellence. Happiness.

The 7 Minute Life delivers world-class products and services designed to help people prioritize, organize, and simplify lives at work and at home. You have a choice to stay where you are today or to look forward and embrace the future of your human potential. Human potential relies on how you utilize the resources of time, effort, energy, emotion, and money.

Technology has created a 24-hour workday. The problem has created a mental health crisis. The stress of never-ending workloads and having too much to do is so common that we have lost site of the importance of self-care, mindfulness, and being present.

The world has changed. Men and women around the world have hit a tipping point. There is a deep desire to learn and grow. There is a growing awareness that life can be different tomorrow than it is today. People are asking powerful questions like:

  • Who am I today?
  • Who do I want to be in the future?
  • How can I get there?

Needs, Motivation, Behaviors, Journey.

There is a need to invest in well-being programs and companies are more motivated than ever to provide real solutions.

The 7 Minute Life has spent the last two decades building a step-by-step process that is reinventing well-being programs in the workplace. We focus on helping people maximize meaning in life through rediscovering the power of purpose, innovation, creativity, excellence, and happiness.



Tipping Point Conscious Awareness Who Am I? Who Do I Want To Be?


Recognize the Problem Ready to Change Searching Don’t Know How to Start


Mobile and Digital Apps Tools/Worksheets Strategic Templates Daily Planners Training Programs Coaching Masterclasses Online Courses


Purpose Priorities Commitment Clarity Conviction Determination Excitement

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Meet Allyson

Allyson Lewis
CEO / The 7 Minute Life
Director of Learning and Innovation

 Allyson’s purpose is to help people thrive. She inspires people to reengage at work and in life with passion, purpose, clarity, commitment, productivity, kindness, excitement, adventure, creativity, innovation, and happiness.

Allyson Lewis is the founder and CEO of the 7 Minute Life. She is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach. Her books have sold more than 130,000 copies and have been translated into Chinese, Turkish, Korean, and Spanish. Her YouTube channel has had more than 1.9 million minutes watched. Allyson is actively researching the neuroscience of happiness, productivity, and well-being in the workplace.

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For the last 29 years, Allyson has spent more than 10.000 hours researching, writing, speaking, teaching, training, and coaching the philosophy, principles, and practices of The 7 Minute Life.

Allyson works with individuals, teams, companies, and entrepreneurs sharing groundbreaking strategies revolutionizing corporate cultures. Employees want to work with commitment, clarity, conviction, determination, and excitement. They want their work to matter.

Allyson worked in the financial services industry for 30 years including 24 years with Morgan Stanley. Her clients include Kellogg’s, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, IMCA, and the FBI. She has been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV. Her work has been seen in Investor’s Business Daily, Advisor Today, Morningstar, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Success Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and Fast Company.

Allyson’s passion is showing people how to make time to live in alignment with their priorities and what they value most in life. The 7 Minute Life helps busy people get their schedules under control so they have more time to for the good stuff in life.

“Busy was killing me. I was unhappy. I wanted life to matter again.”
~Allyson Lewis

Life should be full of endless joy, not endless tasks.

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Allyson Lewis

CEO / Speaker / Author

Why 7 Minutes?

24 Hours
Per Day

1440 Minutes
Per Day

1% of Your Day 
14 Minutes

7 Minutes Every
Morning / Evening

With The 7 Minute Life you will learn how to leverage 1% of your day to:
think, clarify, plan, prioritize, and choose how you will spend the remaining 99% of your time. 
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Time is a finite and limited resource. As a time management training and coaching company we help individuals, teams, non-profit organizations, and businesses improve their time management, team communication, goal setting, and strategic business planning. Through the use of our proprietary tools you can:

  • Clarify what you need to accomplish
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Create repeatable processes and systems
  • Enjoy starting and finishing one task at a time
  • Implement concrete strategies to reduce procrastination, indecision, and chaos
  • Cut through the noise of anxiety, stress, and distraction
  • Re-engage in your work
  • Learn how to increase your attention span

The 7 Minute Life is a choice. The 7 Minute Life is about choosing to consciously focus your attention for 7 Minutes in the evening and 7 Minutes in the morning to make deliberate decisions about how you will spend the minutes and hours of each day.  

You can be different tomorrow than you are today based on the choices you make on a daily basis. The process of moving from where you are today to where you want to be requires engaging your desire to learn and grow, while acknowledging that today is your only opportunity to live and breathe. And act! The 7 Minute Life is about taking tiny steps forward every day, while fully experiencing every moment in the present.

The 7 Minute Life is a time management company that specializes in the art of helping you prioritize, organize and simplify your life so that you can stop managing time and start living.

The 7 Minute Life Time Management Strategy is a seven-step process:
1. Think
2. Plan
3. Set goals
4. Prioritize and sequence activities
5. Schedule time for action
6. Develop deadlines
7. Focus your full attention and do what you said you would do

Why I Created The 7 Minute Life

Busy was killing me. I was unhappy. I wanted life to matter again.  ~Allyson Lewis

At the age of 43, I was a middle-aged full time working mother of two. I had worked as an executive in the financial services industry for more than two decades. I liked my job, but didn’t love it. I I felt like I was drifting through life. I lacked direction. I was surrounded with clutter, chaos, distraction, and constant interruption.

I was frozen, stuck, and exhausted. I was unhappy and drifting through life. The result was anxiety, stress, and depression. My health began to suffer, and I knew something had to change.

I wanted to find a better way to work and live.

I have spent the last 29 years studying time management, daily productivity, goal setting, reconnecting with priorities, rediscovering your purpose in life. I wanted to understand the impact of creativity, innovation, and human potential. During that time I have written five books, created 28+ time management and life management tools, worksheets, checklists, and templates.

My books have sold 130,000 copies. My YouTube channel has had 1.9 million minutes watched. About 15 years ago, I began to study the brain science of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the idea that the brain is plastic or changeable.

Well-Being. Mindfulness. Creativity. Happiness.

The 7 Minute Life has changed lives around the world. We deliver simple tools and technology that is revolutionizing the ideas, of well-being, mindfulness, creativity, and happiness.å

There is a Mental Health Crisis in America


23% of workforce diagnosed with depression


40% of workers  reported their job was very or extremely stressful


61% of employees are burned out on the job

Is Busy Killing You? Ask yourself these powerful questions?
Are you overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?
Is having too much to do keeping you awake at night?
How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Do you feel exhausted, frozen, and stuck?
Are you burned out?
Are you surrounded by chaos and clutter?
Are you struggling with procrastination, disorganization, and indecision?
Are you frustrated with distraction and interruption?
Do you lack motivation?
Do you have too many time wasters – social media, talking with co-workers, constant text messages, personal phone calls
Do you have trouble saying no?

The 7 Minute Life Community

Join thousands of people who are discovering a better way to work and live.
We are passionate about helping people thrive.

Our Mission

Increasing Awareness of Workplace Stress and Mental Illness

The 7 Minute Life is on a mission to increase awareness of workplace stress and mental illness. The problem has never been more critical. People are living with unprecedented uncertainty. They are overwhelmed, stuck, frozen and exhausted. We are committed to providing ground-breaking innovations, technology, training, and community to fight the global mental health epidemic.

Workplace Stress

83% of US workers suffer from work related stress
Stress is a major health issue of modern times which affects millions of people worldwide. Individuals are suffering from many forms of stress. Stress at the workplace is among the most common types of stress.
Excessive occupational tension affects workers’ productivity, efficiency, and physical and emotional wellbeing. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic headache, and apathy are among the common signs of excessive stress in the workplace. Managing stress at the workplace has become an important aspect of health care. Employers have a legitimate duty to protect workers from occupational stress by doing and acting on a risk assessment. The benefits of workplace stress management are fairly obvious. The quality of employees’ working life will be better; their productivity and morale will boost; their attendance levels go up and the absence of sickness will go down–all of this can be achieved with stress management programs. Source: “Global Workplace Stress Management Market (2019-2025)“

Our Core Values

To Inspire

creativity, curiosity, and awareness that time is a valuable currency.

To inspire
To deliver

To deliver​

products which make our busy world more manageable, efficient and joyful.

To create

a culture which encourages a life full of purpose, productivity and passion.

To create
To Build

To build

an enterprise which will maximize shareholder value and uphold good corporate governance.

To empower

each individual, team, business unit, and corporate entity to perform to their highest potential.

To empower
To continue

To continue

to evolve in order to meet the demands of our customers in an ever-changing world.

To maintain

a leadership team filled with integrity, expertise and enthusiasm to drive the 7 Minute Life to new levels of success.

To maintain
To promote diversity

To promote

diversity, inclusivity, and an environment in which every person can thrive.

To be the leading

provider of comprehensive life management tools.

To be the leading
To set high goals

To set high goals

in the areas of growth, profitability, customer service, technical advancement, and talent attraction and retention.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of diverse skills with one goal of changing lives 7 minutes at a time.


Allyson Lewis

Founder & CEO


Laura Meek

Financial Administrator


John Arnold

Learning & Development


Sabina Blackshare



Courtney Pike

Project Manager


Patrick van der Burght

Business Development Partner