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John Arnold has been an avid user of 7 Minute tools since the release of Allyson’s first book The Seven Minute Difference. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister, author of the blog ThePracticalDisciple.com and has mentored and inspired people to more fully live out their faith for over 20 years. From these experiences, John brings to Seven Minutes, Inc. a unique grasp and depth of understanding as to how people learn and grow. John was an inspiring and encouraging presence to Allyson throughout the writing of The 7 Minute Solution. As Chief Inspiration Officer of Seven Minutes, Inc., he continues to work with Allyson to refine and innovate principles for living a life of greater productivity and meaning.

FREE WEBINAR: How to Get More Done by Creating a Score System

Do you know when you have done enough? That may sound like a strange question. But, how often do you end your day feeling like you didn't do enough? (Even when you've worked really hard.) You can put an end to feeling that way and get more done by creating [...]

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FREE WEBINAR: Driving Constant Progress through Weekly Reviews

TOPIC:  Driving Constant Progress through Weekly Reviews Instructor:  John Arnold Course Length: 60 Minutes Followed by Q&A Do you have any of these common avoidable problems?: Do you frequently set goals and then lose site of them? This can result in missed deadlines, late night panicked scrambles, and costly mistakes. [...]

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Neuroplasticity: How to Make Life Changes that Stick

How many times have you vowed to change, to get better organized, and to be on top of things? And yet, despite your best efforts you plummet back into procrastination and drown in distractions, sometimes within just a couple of days. Wouldn’t being able to change once and for all [...]

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Discovering Your Life Purpose: Formula for a Happier More Meaningful Life

If you got everything done on your to-do list today, what would be the point of it all? Really stop and think about that. What is the purpose behind what you are doing? What is your purpose? In order to be successful, both personally and professionally, you must be able [...]

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WEBINAR REPLAY: Project Management Tips and Tricks for 2017

In this webinar, John Arnold dives into project management tips and tricks to help you crush your goals, save time, and increase your productivity. Here's just a taste of what you get in this webinar: Discover the value of identifying your "hard" and "soft" metrics to stay motivated and focused. How to create [...]

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FREE WEBINAR: Personal Goal Setting for 2017

New Year's resolutions seldom work, but well-crafted goals with a few proven strategies can transform not only your year but your life.  Find out from time management experts, Allyson Lewis and John Arnold, not only how to create meaningful and achievable goals, but the strategies to keep you motivate.  Come join us to craft your [...]

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WEBINAR & Big Giveaway, Setting Life Goals: Creating Your Happiness and Legacy

FREE WEBINAR: Setting Life Goals: Creating Your Happiness and Legacy Tuesday, Dec. 20, 7pm  (CST) Some of the most precious things in life will pass you by if you don't have a plan. Join us tomorrow and discover how to create your plan. I'm going to walk you through how to look at the big picture [...]

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Is Your Family Suffering Because of Your Lack of Time Management

Sadly, those who are closest to us suffer the most when we fail to take care of ourselves. Our children become the ones we inadvertently snap at when stretched past our limits. Our spouses are the last ones to get our time when we are overwhelmed. When your time management priorities get askew, you [...]

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Master Class Fast Action Bonuses End Tonight!

Yesterday, I opened registration on a brand new master class, Improve Your Life, 7 Weeks to Freedom, Passion and Purpose. (CLICK HERE to learn all about the class.) Here are the bonuses you'll miss out on if you wait to enroll: BONUS #1: LIVE Webinar: Overcoming Procrastination ($99) led by John Arnold. Last year John developed a [...]

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FREE WEBINAR: Harnessing the Power of Small Actions for Big Results

FREE WEBINAR:  Harnessing the Power of Small Actions for Big Results, Tuesday, December 13, 11am (CST) FREE Webinar -- Harnessing the Power of Small Actions for Big Results, Tuesday, Dec. 13, 11am (CST), John Arnold will dive into the power of micro-actions. I can't wait for him to tell you how he harnessed the [...]

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