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Are you ready for a 7 Minute Life Revolution? It’s time to revolutize your life by turning talk into action!

100’s of Hours of Instruction

7ML Group Coaching Overview

The 7 Minute Life Group Coaching program includes a combination of live online coaching, group workshops, online courses, activities, and resources. The goal is to provide a supportive environment where members can learn from each other, get feedback, and develop skills to help them reach their goals. Depending on the specific program, the coach may provide individualized guidance, host regular group discussions, provide resources and assignments, and/or facilitate activities to encourage growth.

Monthly Live Group Coaching

Indepth / Experiencial

Our live monthly group coaching sessions are in-depth and experiencial. We’ll work with you to set goals and develop a plan of action that will help you reach those goals. Our coaches are highly trained and experienced in providing the best advice and support to help you achieve success. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

The 7 Minute Life University

courses / tools / training

The objective of The 7 Minute Life University to help individuals develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to become more successful in both their professional and personal lives.  Continual learning can help individuals gain a competitive edge in their career and find more ways to advance their career. Finally, continual learning can also help individuals better understand themselves and grow as individuals, resulting in greater life satisfaction.

7ML Accelerator Meetups

Peer-to-Peer Community

The 7 Minute Life Accelerator is a peer-to-peer learning community designed to help business people grow quickly and efficiently. It typically involves access to mentorship, resources, training, through connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs. The 7ML Accelerator will help you gain valuable skills and insights by connecting and sharing ideas with other purpose-oriented people in a multitude of positions and industries.

Included With Group Coaching

Extensive Course Library

Our course library is available 24/7 and allows quick access to student materials and on demand learning.

Tools. Worksheets. Assessments.

Short videos with step-by-step instructions. Video tutorials are a great way to learn new skills. 

Live Weekly Events

Our live weekly events make it easy to commit to continual learning. The topics are relevant and include practical tips and tools.

New Monthly Content

You will love having access to new learning content each month. Stay up-to-date on our latest learning trends and topics.

Learning Roadmap

Our learning roadmap can help to identify roadblocks and provide guidance on how to overcome them in order to reach your desired goals.

Goal Setting Courses

Set and achieve goals to stay engaged and motivated. Learn how to clarify your vision, develop better focus, and monitor your progress.

Community and Accountability

Stay connected. Community creates a sense of belonging and safety, while accountability promotes trust and reliability.

Time Management Courses

Learn new methods for organizing tasks, setting priorities, and allocating available time for greater efficiency and productivity.

Daily Planning Skills

Learn how to dramatically increase your daily productivity with powerful time management tools and worksheets.

7 Minute Life Group Coaching

All Access Pass

All Access Pass

All Access Pass

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