Personal Development

[WEBINAR REPLAY] Depression and How to Begin to Get Your Priorities Straight

WATCH THE REPLAY Do you ever feel like you are: Trapped in a daily grind Not living the life you want Everyone's expectations matter but your own Neglecting your health because you are too busy Wasting your life on things that don't matter This webinar can help you. WATCH [...]

Personal Goal Setting Worksheet

Personal goal setting is a core element for personal development. There is something inside your heart and soul that cries out to know the direction of your life and design a clear path to reach your personal goals in life. Our Personal Goal Setting Worksheet will help you set and achieve your personal goals. [...]

The Top 10 Benefits of Great Time Management Skills

Your personal time management skills affect every part of life. Enduring the negative emotions from having too much to do causes overwhelming stress and anxiety. My name is Allyson Lewis and I am personally challenged with my own Attention Deficit Disorder. Living with ADD lead me down a path of research of why millions of people [...]

Rediscovering your Purpose in Life

Discover your Purpose TODAY! Register For This Free WebinarNow   Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 The webinar is offered two times to meet your schedule Length: 1 hour taught by Allyson Lewis Why you should attend:  Purpose is the reason for which something is done Purpose is the depth of [...]