[FREE WEBINAR] Learning to Overcome your Unending Unfinished Tasks

Go into 2017 with a Clean Slate! John's 40 unfinished tasks completed in 40 days This time management training video will help you tackle one of the biggest and yet almost invisible time management wasters, unfinished tasks.  Unfinished tasks can easily cost you weeks of time and produce never-ending [...]

VIDEO: How to Overcome Procrastination

I procrastinate. Yes, I struggle with procrastination. Who doesn't? This video is a recording of a webinar titled, "How to Overcome Procrastination." We all struggle with procrastination, but in this video I share insightful concepts into my own understanding of procrastination and how you can use these concepts to overcome procrastination in your own daily life. Procrastination [...]

5 Simple Steps To Easily Meet Deadlines

If you perpetually struggle to meet deadlines then you most likely suffer from the time management problems of overcommitting, poor planning, or procrastination.  In this article I am going to lay out a five step path you can follow that will eliminate two of these problems: poor planning and procrastination.  You can learn how to eliminate [...]

Get Rid of the Clutter: Learn how to organize paper

Are you struggling with clutter, especially paper? Procrastination? Disorganization? Are you ready to organize your life?  You can improve your personal time management by choosing to improve your personal organizational skills. In this 33 minute video Allyson Lewis from The 7 Minute Life  interviews Barbara Hemphill - one of the pioneers of the professional productivity and [...]

Three Golden Rules to Stop Procrastinating NOW!

My promise to you Read this article, complete the actions steps at the end, and practice the 3 Golden Rules each day for the next week and you can beat procrastination. Knowing how to stop procrastinating is an absolutely critical time management skill. Procrastination has numerous damaging effects. As unfinished tasks stack up, guilt sets [...]