[FREE WEBINAR] Learning to Overcome your Unending Unfinished Tasks

Go into 2017 with a Clean Slate! John's 40 unfinished tasks completed in 40 days This time management training video will help you tackle one of the biggest and yet almost invisible time management wasters, unfinished tasks.  Unfinished tasks can easily cost you weeks of time and produce never-ending stress. [...]

The Top 11 List of Most Influential People in Productivity

Allyson Lewis Named One of the Top 11 Productivity Gurus “In our quest for perfecting our productivity software, we’ve been observing many visionary entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders who are wielding strong influence on today’s business landscape. But when it comes to revolutionizing the productivity landscape, these are some of the people who we found [...]

Get Rid of the Clutter: Learn how to organize paper

Are you struggling with clutter, especially paper? Procrastination? Disorganization? Are you ready to organize your life?  You can improve your personal time management by choosing to improve your personal organizational skills. In this 33 minute video Allyson Lewis from The 7 Minute Life  interviews Barbara Hemphill - one of the pioneers of the professional productivity and [...]

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Time Management Tips: 8 Keys to Limiting Office Interruptions

You have a huge project due by the end of the day, but you cannot seem to get anywhere on it because everyone keeps interrupting. Between the phonecalls, email, text messages, and people coming to your desk, it feels like the entire universe is conspiring against you. Sound familiar? Read on! Not only are interruptions [...]

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Five Time Saving Habits I Wish I Started Earlier

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” —John Dryden Great time management resides in your daily habits. The little things you repeatedly do over time either ensnare you or liberate you. Here are five simple time saving habits that I would have started much earlier had I known better. They can [...]

Four Time Wasting Email Mistakes To Avoid

Email is familiar. It's comfortable. It's easy to use. But it might just be the biggest killer of time and productivity in the office today. --Ryan Holmes, founder of Hootsuite Managing email can be a bottomless task, but you may be making it harder on yourself than you need to.  Conquering the following four bad [...]

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Three Golden Rules to Stop Procrastinating NOW!

My promise to you Read this article, complete the actions steps at the end, and practice the 3 Golden Rules each day for the next week and you can beat procrastination. Knowing how to stop procrastinating is an absolutely critical time management skill. Procrastination has numerous damaging effects. As unfinished tasks stack up, guilt sets [...]

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Staying Motivated: 5 Steps to Success

Regardless of your industry, in the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 routine, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes a company successful. During particularly busy periods, focusing on key areas of development and progress can often take a back seat. But, at the heart of any successful business is a supportive, efficient and [...]

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Five traits that could make you a ‘wonder builder’

I sent an email recently to people who have signed up to The 7 Minute Life Productivity Starters series and explained that basically three types of people download resources: shiny object chasers, bottle rockets, and wonder builders. You don't want to be one of the first two! In short, shiny object chasers and bottle rockets [...]

Time Management Tip #16: Improve your Technology Skills

Improve your Time Management by Improving your Personal Technology Skills Are you wasting time every day trying to figure out which button to push on your computer?  Take a class to improve your technology skills.  You could reclaim an amazing amount of time by knowing how to effectively utilize simple computer tools. Improving your time [...]

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