7 Important Travel Safety Tips

Are you going to see family or planning a trip over the Holiday season? Traffic is typically busier towards the end of the year and this can be very hectic and stressful. Check out these 7 Important Travel Safety Tips to ensure that you are traveling as safe as possible.The 7 Minute Life wants [...]

21 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

21 Ideas to Improve Your Productivity Here are the 21 Ways to Improve your Productivity. Of course, you want to be more efficient, organized, planned, and prepared. Make sure to check out our best daily planner to improve your daily productivity and get more done. Learn how to use The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner. [...]

FREE WEBINAR! Organize: 5 Ways to Organize Your Desk

FREE WEBINAR: Clutter? How to Organize Your Workspace. Clutter is at the root of avoidance, procrastination, distraction and indecision. And, it stands squarely between you and the success you want to accomplish. You allow clutter into your life when you delay making a decision about what you should do with a specific project, file, task, and [...]

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Efficiency: How to Improve Your Daily Productivity

Efficiency: How to Improve Your Daily Productivity Free Webinar - Tuesday, May 23rd Time Management Trainer: Allyson Lewis 11:00am to 12:00pm CST Followed by 30 minutes of Q&A REGISTER NOW 3 Ways to Improve Your Daily Productivity at Work This webinar is facilitated by time management expert, Allyson Lewis. Efficiency is measured by correctly [...]

How to Have a Super Productive Meeting, Even if You’re Not In Charge

Webinar Details: Presenter:  John Arnold When: April 4, 2017, 11am (CST) Cost: FREE REGISTER NOW Few things are a bigger waste of time than poorly planned meetings. A bad meeting doesn't just waste one person's time, it can waste an entire team's time. Don't be a victim of time wasting meetings! Whether you're [...]

WEBINAR REPLAY: The Top Goal Setting Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you set goals but struggle to complete them?  Odds are that by making just a few simple adjustments to how you set your goals you can turn procrastination and incompletion into striding forward and success. In this video we cover how to avoid common rookie mistakes and crush your goals [...]

[FREE WEBINAR] Learning to Overcome your Unending Unfinished Tasks

Go into 2017 with a Clean Slate! John's 40 unfinished tasks completed in 40 days This time management training video will help you tackle one of the biggest and yet almost invisible time management wasters, unfinished tasks.  Unfinished tasks can easily cost you weeks of time and produce never-ending [...]

The Top 11 List of Most Influential People in Productivity

Allyson Lewis Named One of the Top 11 Productivity Gurus “In our quest for perfecting our productivity software, we’ve been observing many visionary entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders who are wielding strong influence on today’s business landscape. But when it comes to revolutionizing the productivity landscape, these are some of the people who we found [...]

Get Rid of the Clutter: Learn how to organize paper

Are you struggling with clutter, especially paper? Procrastination? Disorganization? Are you ready to organize your life?  You can improve your personal time management by choosing to improve your personal organizational skills. In this 33 minute video Allyson Lewis from The 7 Minute Life  interviews Barbara Hemphill - one of the pioneers of the professional productivity and [...]

Time Management Tips: 8 Keys to Limiting Office Interruptions

You have a huge project due by the end of the day, but you cannot seem to get anywhere on it because everyone keeps interrupting. Between the phonecalls, email, text messages, and people coming to your desk, it feels like the entire universe is conspiring against you. Sound familiar? Read on! Not only are interruptions [...]