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Project Management Webinar

Register for our FREE WEBINAR   Topic: A New Project Management Worksheet... that will blow your mind! Date: Tuesday, February 27th Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm CST Register Now 10 Reasons why Project Management Matters Defines a plan and organizes chaos Establishes a schedule and plan Enforces and encourages teamwork Maximizes resources [...]

Increase Your Efficiency with Our Project Management Worksheets

Watch the free webinar replay and download the handouts. Watch the Replay Download the Handout [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"] Efficiency: Get More Done in Less Time Do these projects sound familiar?: Project: Cleaning out your closets Project: Planning your child’s [...]

5 Simple Steps To Easily Meet Deadlines

If you perpetually struggle to meet deadlines then you most likely suffer from the time management problems of overcommitting, poor planning, or procrastination.  In this article I am going to lay out a five step path you can follow that will eliminate two of these problems: poor planning and procrastination.  You can learn how to eliminate [...]

Time Management Techniques for Salvaging a Wasted Day and Getting Back on Track

Yesterday I received this email from Rich Bellis, an editor in Fast Company's Leadership section requesting an interview with me for an article he is publishing next week. Personal Note from Allyson Lewis to the "Friends of The 7 Minute [...]

Time Management Tip #13 – Increase Your Productivity – Ask For Help

Increase Your Productivity - Ask For Help Asking for help with a task our a project is one of the tiny "micro-actions" we talk about at The 7 Minute Life. Here is a best practice to improve your team's: time management productivity efficiency product management goal attainment loyalty and, moral Can you really increase your productivity [...]

Time Management Idea #6: Don’t Stop Short of Finishing a Project

Projects are not finished until they are 100% complete. A Great Analogy What could be more exciting than watch a football team catch the ball at on end of the field and, through a series ow well-planned playse and incredible burst of effort, the offense moves the football 99 yard down the field and they [...]

Time Management Idea #5: How to Use a Single Capture Tool

One Location for Your Written Daily Plan of Action Use One Capture Tool Improve Your Time Management - Stop Looking... Can you guess how much time you waste looking for a note with someone's name and phone number? Or you forget to make an important appointment or finish the budget report that is due tomorrow. [...]

Time Management Idea #4: What 5 Activities Will You Complete Before 11am?

Creating your 5 before 11 list using The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner   The importance of focusing your attention on "LESS STUFF". If you could only do five things on your list, what would they be? This question will be much easier to answer if you will take 7 Minutes every afternoon [...]

Did your life matter today? Do you have life goals? Did you make the most of your time management?

The Goal Setting / Project Template Worksheet Each day you have 24 hours.  Such a limited amount of time.  At the end of the day today - will you have found purpose in how you spent the hours of your day? Will you have moved closer to realizing your life goals? The 30 Day "Why" [...]