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How Our Executive Coaching Works

Executive coaching with Allyson Lewis is a holistic approach to time management, personal growth, and organizational effectiveness. It’s not just about managing hours but about aligning your day with your core values and goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance personal productivity or drive organizational success, Allyson’s expertise offers a transformative experience.

    One-on One Coaching with Allyson Lewis

    Personalized Time Mastery: Allyson’s coaching emphasizes mastering your minutes to transform your days. With her proven routines, you can optimize your day in just 7 minutes, leading to reduced stress, increased productivity, and intentional living.

    Goal Prioritization: Learn how to set clear priorities, outline actionable steps, and focus on tasks that align with your core values and objectives.

    Strategic Planning: Allyson aids in creating a roadmap for achieving both short-term and long-term goals, ensuring that every action aligns with your vision.

    Leadership Development: Enhance your leadership skills, team building, and strategy execution, tailored to the needs of both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises.

    Productivity Habits: Allyson’s coaching is built on the neuroscience of creating repeatable processes and systems. Benefit from the power of establishing new habits of success.

    Personal and Professional Growth: Whether you’re an individual seeking personal development or an organization aiming for heightened efficiency, Allyson’s coaching offers tools and strategies to drive results.

    Access to Resources: As part of the coaching, you’ll gain access to The 7 Minute Life’s range of resources, including the Daily Planner, webinars, and other productivity tools.

    Continuous Support: Allyson provides ongoing guidance, ensuring that you stay on track, overcome challenges, and consistently move towards your goals.


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    Meet Your Coach

    Allyson Lewis is a renowned executive coach with years of experience in helping individuals maximize their potential and reach their goals. With Allyson’s guidance, you can create a great magnitude of changes in your work life through this daily process.

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    Allyson Lewis was in the Top 11% in Sales at Morgan Stanley
    31-Years of Experience as a Financial Advisor

    Financial Advisor Coaching

    Coaching for Financial Service Executives
    Financial Advisors
    Mortgage Loan Officers
    Insurance Agents

    Financial advisors, mortgage loan officers, insurance agents and REALTORS® are in search of targeted and individualized coaching and consulting. Their business needs include: time management, creating repeatable processes and systems, building an efficient team, business development, clarifying roles and responsibilities, streamlining administrative tasks,  and utilizing templates and checklists to improve the consistency of client service.  Allyson Lewis understands these obstacles and opportunities.

    Allyson knows what it takes to grow a sales based / client centric business.

    • She had a 31-Year Career as a Financial Advisor
    • Morgan Stanley for 24 years
    • Merrill Lynch for 7 Years
    • (CIMA®) Certification – Certified Investment Management Analyst
    • (CRPC®) Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™
    Allyson Lewis Speaking Florida Realtor

    Softskills Training and Executive Coaching













    Services and Pricing

    This is not the 1960s…
    We deliver a holistic, modern approach to personal coaching and leadership development.

    Organizations spend millions of dollars on personal and professional development. This is not the 1960s. There is still a place for Dale Carnegie Leadership Training and Franklin Covey. But, I want to challenge you to review your current training programs. Your employees want to develop more than negotiation and public speaking skills.  But, there is a human desire to learn and grow. Employees are consciously aware of the importance of each day, and they want their work to make a difference in the world.

    With a mental health crisis underway in the US, 67% of workers being passively or actively disengaged. ​The 7 Minute Life utilizes the resources of time, energy, emotion, and money to maximize productivity and well-being. ​Our personal and professional development training teaches individuals and companies how to align business growth with helping individual employees become their best self.

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