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Are you ready to increase your productivity, organize your day, prioritize your tasks, and get more of the right things done?

5 before 11

Achieve five high value tasks before 11 a.m., insuring the highest and best use of your time happens first.


Build your influence daily by cultivating strategic connections that support your goals.


Track 5 core health factors for a stronger body, sharper mind, more energy, and less stress.

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The Checkmark

Reach your goals. Track your progress with a powerful sense of accomplishment.

Unfinished Tasks

The perfect way to stay organized. Keep track of everything in a single safe location.


Practicing gratitude can have a powerful impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

Introducing The 7 Minute Life Daily Planning Worksheet

Are you struggling to manage your time and stay productive? Do you often feel overwhelmed, stuck, and exhausted with an endless to-do list? If so, we have a simple and powerful solution that takes just seven minutes a day to transform your life!

Key Features of The Daily Progress Report:

  1. Short & Strategic: A quick morning and evening routine, totaling 14 minutes per day.
  2. Clarity on Priorities: Focus on high-value tasks, gain clarity, and find purpose.
  3. Structure for Success: Whether a student, employee, entrepreneur, or executive, this tool brings structure to your day.

What Is The Daily Progress Report?

  • A single sheet designed to help you with a written daily plan.
  • Structured to organize your day, review your goals, and prioritize tasks.
  • Why seven minutes? You’re leveraging 1% of your day (14 minutes) to maximize productivity.

Using The Daily Progress Report:

  1. Date & Day – Mark today’s date and day of the week.
  2. To-Do List – Brainstorm tasks in the morning and prioritize them.
  3. Time Estimation – Estimate the time required for each task.
  4. Five Before 11 – Select and commit to the top five tasks to be completed before 11 A.M.
  5. Stay Connected – A section dedicated to reaching out and staying connected with important individuals.
  6. Unfinished Tasks – Note down errands or tasks for later.
  7. Gratitude – Start and end your day with gratitude reflections.
  8. Habit Trackers – Track daily habits like drinking water, reading, and exercising.
  9. End of Day Reflection – Ask, “Did I do what I said I would do today?”

By committing to the system, you can achieve 450 high-value tasks in 90 days. It’s not just about doing more but about creating meaning, purpose, and intentional living.

How To Use The Daily Progress Report

Using The Daily Progress Report is a breeze, and the impact it has on your life is immeasurable. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this powerful tool:

  1. Morning Planning: Start your day by taking just seven minutes to set your intentions. Use the Daily Progress Report to create a clear and achievable to-do list. Prioritize your tasks and identify the five most important ones for the day – your “Five before 11” list.
  2. Evening Reflection: As the day winds down, spend another seven minutes reflecting on your progress. Review your achievements, celebrate your successes, and learn from any challenges you faced. This daily reflection will set you up for success tomorrow.
  3. Consistent Growth: The Daily Progress Report works on a 90-day platform, perfectly aligning with the natural cycle of seasons. Embrace consistent growth and improvement by tracking your journey over the next 90 days.
  4. Psychological Triggers: The report incorporates habit trackers and psychological triggers to ensure you maintain positive behaviors. From hydration and exercise to reflection and reading, the Daily Progress Report keeps you accountable for your well-being.

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