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Daily Planning Worksheet

The Daily Planning Worksheet is Better than a To-Do List. The Downloadable Daily Planning Worksheet is our #1 Time Management Worksheet. Improve your Productivity.

This tool will help you prioritize, organize, and simplify your life both at work and at home. Many organizing tools help you manage the tasks and projects you need to complete, but the 7 Minute Life Daily Progress Report helps you manage not only your tasks but your relationships, communications, spending, and physical and mental health as well. Each of these plays a critical role in your sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Daily Planning Worksheet:
is especially helpful if you struggle with procrastination, distraction, disorganization, and ADD/ADHD.

The 7 Minute Life Daily Progress Report is one of our best time management worksheets.

Our FREE Daily Planning Worksheet – is part of our #1 Daily Planner. The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is the best daily planning tool.  Learn how to improve your time management, increase your productivity, and become more efficient. More than a time management strategy. Our best selling Daily Planner takes your personal values, purpose, and your unfinished tasks and translates them into DAILY ACTIVITIES and ACTION STEPS.

Daily Planning Worksheet

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The 7 Minute Life Free Time Management Report

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Using a Daily Planning Tool (Part I)

Daily Progress Report is one of the most popular 7 minutes tools. This single time management tool has changed my life. In this video you will learn how the Daily Progress Report pages – which are the heart of what we do here – can keep all of your ‘life’ in one single, safe place.

Using a Daily Planning Tool (Part II)

It doesn’t stop there. The 7 Minute Life is not just about work. Its also about taking control of your own life. Take control of your health, mind and tasks.

Using a Daily Planning Tool (Part III)

In this third part we cover the final (and vitally important) tips on how to make The 7 Minute Life Planner absolutely transform your life both at work and at home.

Why Allyson Lewis created The 7 Minute Life Daily Progress Report

The stack of paper on the top left-hand corner of my desk measured more than six inches high. Another stack almost two feet high was hiding under my desk. Every drawer oozed disorganization. Business was booming, but I was crumbling.

The physical clutter in my life overwhelmed me, as did my over- loaded schedule. As much as I worked, I never felt I was doing enough. Guilt and frustration consumed me: I didn’t have time to finish it all, to hang out with my growing kids, or enjoy my relationship with my husband.

I desperately wanted:

  • Order
  • Simplicity
  • Balance

The idea for the first 7 Minute Life time management worksheet grew out of an attempt to solve the problem and reduce my stress level. I needed a simple written daily plan of action, so I divided a single piece of paper into a few sections:

  • Top Priorities
  • Tasks (this was like a primitive to-do list) 
  • Voice Mail Messages

  • Notes about my day

Each afternoon at the end of my workday, I took a few minutes to create a simple written plan for what I wanted to accomplish the next day. And I left this page of paper on my desk, so it was the first thing I saw the next morning.

Slowly, this simple process helped me prioritize the actions that needed to be tended to first. As time passed, I found I was able to organize all of the tasks that had seemed so overwhelming. Though some days I still couldn’t complete every task on my list every day, the clarity the list gave me helped me accomplish more than I had before. And finally, after several months of dedicating myself to writing down what I wanted to do, I learned to simplify my time and focus my efforts and attention on accomplishing the projects that were most important.

This productivity planning empowered me to reconnect with my life. It enabled me to capture the “highest and best” use of my time each day. It freed me to spend more time with my family at home and to accomplish more productive work in the office. Using a single sheet of paper and taking literally seven minutes each afternoon to create my daily written plan of action changed my life forever. Through this time management strategy, I was replacing procrastination and chaos with order.

Through the years, that piece of paper has morphed into one of the most effective time management tools in the 7 Minute Life. Go to Time Management Tools link, and print out your first daily progress report worksheet. Take a few minutes to write down a few of your day’s top priorities, or what we call the 5 before 11 List. This is the first step to living the The 7 Minute Life.

This is an edited excerpt from The 7 Minute Solution: Time Strategies to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify your Life at Work & at Home (Simon & Schuster)

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