Daily Task Checklist

The Daily Task Checklist helps you keep a running list of the tasks you have completed.

Tool Description

Daily Task Checklist

The Daily Task Checklist is not a planning worksheet. The Daily Task Checklist is a tool to track the tasks you have accomplished in a single day.

You can use this checklist to monitor your own activities. Let's assume you have taken 7 Minutes in the evening to create a daily plan that includes outlining the five highest value actions you have committed to accomplish before 11 o'clock, are you still wondering why you were not able to accomplish your most important tasks?

Use this worksheet to meticulously  write down exactly how you spent your time.

Write down actions like:

  • Eating lunch
  • Restroom breaks
  • Going to get coffee or water

To find out where all of your time is going, also be aware of:

  • Email
  • Work phone calls
  • Personal calls
  • Social Media
  • Texting
  • Finding lost files or information
  • Interruptions
  • Errands
  • Staff meetings
  • Hallway conversations

Monitor the tasks you actually accomplished. Write down the time spent on each task and over time you will discover the daily interruptions and distractions that are eating up your productive time.


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