Discovering Your Life Purpose: Formula for a Happier More Meaningful Life

Discovering Your Life Purpose: Formula for a Happier More Meaningful Life

If you got everything done on your to-do list today, what would be the point of it all?

Really stop and think about that. What is the purpose behind what you are doing? What is your purpose?

In order to be successful, both personally and professionally, you must be able to clearly articulate your goals. But before you can do that, you must understand what your purpose in life is.

Knowing your life purpose will benefit you in at least three critical ways:

  1. Meaning – When you live into your life purpose at the end of the day you can look back with satisfaction and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you did made a difference.  You can end the day feeling satisfied evening the midst of demanding circumstances.
  2. Direction – Do you ever struggle to know what you should spend your time on?  Knowing your purpose can help you see clearly what is important.  You can let go of other demands without feeling guilty.
  3.  Power – You can bear almost any burden as long as you know that it fulfills a purpose.  That’s why parents can make tremendous sacrifices for their children.  They know they have a purpose to provide and protect their child.  Armed with that knowledge they can take on extra hours at work or stay up late nights and think nothing of it.

Watch the video and learn more.  Understanding your life purpose is vital to managing your time well, reducing stress, and live a life you love.

In this video, led by John Arnold you will also:

  • Discover the three essential elements of a life-giving purpose
  • Learn to how to write a powerful purpose statement by avoiding three common mistakes.
  • Receive a step-by-step easy to follow process to write you own unique purpose statement as a guide for more meaningful living.

Enjoy the video.

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About the Author:

John Arnold has been an avid user of 7 Minute tools since the release of Allyson’s first book The Seven Minute Difference. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister, author of the blog and has mentored and inspired people to more fully live out their faith for over 20 years. From these experiences, John brings to Seven Minutes, Inc. a unique grasp and depth of understanding as to how people learn and grow. John was an inspiring and encouraging presence to Allyson throughout the writing of The 7 Minute Solution. As Chief Inspiration Officer of Seven Minutes, Inc., he continues to work with Allyson to refine and innovate principles for living a life of greater productivity and meaning.

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