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Flip through the pages of the 7ML Daily Planner. It’s time to understand the power aligning your daily time management skills with a deep understanding of your personal life plan. Every minute matters. With The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner your life witll never be the same. Get your copy now!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep track of the demands in your life, The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner can help. This comprehensive tool offers a structured system to prioritize, organize, and simplify your life, both at work and at home. With features that include daily goal-setting prompts, time-blocking templates, and sections for tracking tasks, appointments, and notes, the planner provides a roadmap to help you achieve your goals and increase your productivity. Additionally, the planner offers morning and evening routines to help you start and end your day with purpose and intention. By using The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner, you can reduce stress, improve time management skills, move goals forward, and live a more intentional life. So why wait? Take control of your day and revolutionize your life by turning talk into action. Learn how to change your life 7 minutes at a time with The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner. Purchase and download now to start simplifying your life today.

Introduction to The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner

How Will The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner Help Me?

Juggling work, deadlines, bills, children’s schedules, relationships, chores, special events, and more can  be overwhelming.  Be honest with yourself — Do you realistically have the mental capacity to keep track of the demands in your life?  Most people will admit, they can’t.  That being the case, then you need a step-by-step roadmap to prioritize, organize, and simplify your life at work and at home.

1. Reduce stress

Life can be overwhelming.  Many people feel an immediate stress release simply by writing down information.  There is something freeing about the security of knowing the information is safely stored someplace other than your mind.  Also, having a personal life plan reduces stress by giving you a sense of greater control over your future.

2. Internal reflection

Real life change begins with conscious awareness. 

The adage is true, ‘it’s not always about knowing all the answers in life, sometimes it’s about asking better questions.’ Humans  have an internal need to learn and grow. You will take the first step through personal contemplation. Powerful questions lead to powerful development. Start by asking: 

  •  Who are you today?
  •  Who do you want to be?
  •  How will you get there?

3. Reconnect with your priorities and purpose

The next step of personal discovery is learning how to reconnect with what you value most in life. You will walk through practical exercises to identify your top 10 values. You will learn how to rediscover your purpose in life. Imagine writing down what you love about life, understanding your personal strengths, and begin to reengage in your work with passion, drive, and motivation.

4. Improve your time management skills

Time management is a skill. There are 24 hours in a day, that breaks down into1440 minutes. You will learn how 

to leverage 1% of your time (14 minutes) 7 Minutes in the Morning and 7 Minutes in the Evening to think, clarify, plan, prioritize, and choose, how you will spend the remaining 99% of your time. 

5. Live a more intentional life with a 7 Minute Morning and Evening Routines

There is power in creating new and lasting behaviors. We are so busy we forget to ground ourselves. Start each morning by taking ownership of your day and the actions on which you will choose to focus your time and attention. And learn how take 7 Minutes in the evening to consider what you accomplished, to confront obstacles you may have faced, and take time to write down what you are most grateful for and to celebrate the tiny ‘wins.’

6. Get more of the right things done

You will implement new habits to increase your daily productivity. It is said, “What gets scheduled, gets done.” This is so very true.  You increase your odds of acting on a task dramatically when you write down what you intend to do. You also will prioritize when you are proactively planning your day rather than living a reactionary life. High value tasks will almost always yield higher results. So, if bigger, better results are what you are after, few things will outperform having a solid daily action plan.

7. Move goals forward

The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner is a great place to record goals and track your progress.  Recording any metrics (measurable progress elements) for your goals in your planner typically increases performance and allows you to go back and evaluate performance.Furthermore, a daily planner also serves as a constant physical reminder to work on your goals.  Each day when planning your work for the next day take a few moments to write down the action steps you will complete to achieve your goals.

8. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

Checking off a completed task is a subtly powerful experience.  Each time you check off completed tasks you trigger a cascade of positive reactions in your brain. Allyson Lewis describes this powerful experience in this way in the introduction to The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner, The simple power of the checkmark in itself  is a mysterious motivating power.  In a sense these lists (unfinished task lists in a planner) create a written contract you make with yourself.  By creating these lists, you are making an emotional commitment to complete these daily activities.  As straightforward as it may seem, there is an incredible power of emotional accomplishment each time a task is finished completely and marked off your list.

9. Improve Focus

Going into your day with a written action plan, is a bit like entering a grocery store with a shopping list.  A grocery list prevents you from wandering aimlessly, forgetting items you need, and buying on impulse items you don’t need.  A daily plan serves a similar function.  Your planner helps you purposefully focus how you use your time, so you achieve critical tasks and minimize distractions. This last statement is the very heart of great time management, “focused effort for maximum results with minimum distractions.”

10. Get organized

How much of your life is scattered on sticky notes, the backs of envelopes, scrap paper, or reminders posted on your refrigerator?  A daily planner offers one convenient place to record important information.  Having a planner eliminates hours of wondering, “Where did I put that note?”  A single planner is so much easier to keep up with than a thousand notes. 

Let’s Get Started! Change your Life 7 Minutes at a Time

It’s time to revolutionize your life by turning talk into action. Learn how to change your life 7 minutes at a time. You choose how much you will sleep, what you will eat, how much exercise you will get, how much water you will drink, what you will read, and with whom you will spend time. Life is about choices. If you want to be different tomorrow than you are today, you must choose to be different.

Living The 7 Minute Life® is a choice.

By using this daily planner you will learn how to behave differently. We’ve taken proven time management and productivity ideas and molded them into a systematic, repeatable, daily process that you can use every day to achieve your goals in your professional and personal life. 

The 7 Minute Life® is a way of life. 

We’ve all had moments of inspiration and insight, usually in spontaneous, random bursts. But what if you could harness your brain’s focusing power and put it to work in a repeatable system that would keep you inspired and energized? Our research shows that most people want to simplify their lives by eliminating the prevalent chaos that prevents them from being effective and happy. The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner will give you the necessary tools to define your priorities, organize your activities, and help you simplify your life down to one question: 

Did I do what I said I would do today? 

Most people intuitively know what they want to accomplish. They even know what they should do. 

The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner helps articulate self-knowledge and translate it into small, attainable daily activities. Part of what draws people to the 7-minute system is celebrating the tiny “wins” of actually reaching their daily goals. Daily, small achievements are good for you. 

The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner will enable you to: 

  • Define your values 
  • Discover your purpose 
  • Set written goals 
  • Improve your time management
  • Increase your daily productivity
  • Monitor your physical health 
  • Get rid of clutter in your life 
  • Have a daily written plan of action 
  • Track your progress

Learn how to reclaim the minutes in your day.

In order to be productive, it’s important to keep your notes, goals, schedule, everything in one place—your 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner. The reason for this is simple. If your goals are written down in one location and your daily accomplishments and action plans written down  in another, you run the risk of feeling scattered and becoming disorganized—chief ingredients of chaos. You don’t want to have to hunt to reread your goals; they should be at your fingertips at all times.

Many businesses revolve around 90-day quarters, and for good reason. Ninety days is a long enough period of time to see if a plan is working and goals are being met. It’s also a short enough period of time to maintain motivation. Therefore, The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner is broken down into 90-day segments. Every 90 days you will begin a new book and file the completed one for future reference. 

Each 90-day period starts with a “Focus Time.” Whether you are doing The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner as part of a work team or on your own, you may want to schedule your “Focus Time” to be held in a different location from your daily environment. Removing yourself from the distractions of your day-to-day life enables you to better see the big picture.

You will spend your “Focus Time” creating and defining your goals and strategizing how best to accomplish them. Having clear goals is paramount to being successful. Therefore, it’s crucial to the success of changing your life that you spend ample quality time on the front end of this process.

The 7 Minute Life® Daily Planner is designed to help you become more deliberate about the life you lead.


The essence of living an attentive life is to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify®. By prioritizing your core values, creating a written purpose statement, and establishing your 90-day goals, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and live the life you want.

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