Financial Goals

Define your top seven financial goals. 

Tool Description

Every goal has a starting point and an ending point. This Financial Goals Worksheet provides a template to write down what you want to do with your income, your savings, and your financial future. You might start by considering these financial bullet points:

  • Gathering and organizing all of your financial records
  • Do you have a monthly budget?
  • What are the balances in your checking accounts and savings accounts?
  • Review balances of all debt and write down the interest rate you are paying for each debt
  • How long will it take you to pay off those debts?
  • Have you created a timeline for your debt reduction?
  • Have you set up any savings and retirement plans offered through your workplace?
  • What are the balances in your savings and retirement accounts offered through your work?
  • Have you reviewed the beneficiaries on all your financial accounts and insurance policies?
  • Do you have a will?

Other financial goals might include:

  • Knowing a certain dollar amount for the salary you want to earn
  • Finishing a college degree to work in a specific career
  • Having enough money to put your children through college
  • Increasing your charitable giving
  • Establish endowments or charitable foundations
  • Creating a plan to accumulate $______ amount of money for your own retirement

Using this Financial Goals Worksheet gives you a template to write down your goals and then begin to take appropriate action to accomplish each goal. For example, if your first goal is to gather and organize all of your financial records, your action steps might include:

  • Start by making an estimate of how long this will take
  • Schedule a specific time on your calendar
  • Download the bank statements
  • Download the credit card statements
  • Find the mortgage statement
  • Download the statements from any additional investment accounts or retirement plans
Please do not overlook the importance of setting financial goals.

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