Our most popular resources for free

We have created concrete time proven time management tools to help our growing community members to prioritize, organize, and simplify their lives at work and at home. These are four of the most popular productivity tools.

They are FREE and we encourage you to download them to find out how you can improve your life!

Daily Progress Report

The 7 Minute Life Daily Progress Report will help you prioritize, organize, and simplify your life at both work and at home.

Prioritize, Purpose, Highest and Best, Who Are You

Find out what is the most important and highest value items in your life to help you become the best version of yourself.

15 Minute Increment Worksheet

Are you regularly overestimating how many tasks you can mark off your to-do list? You will learn how to plan your day using the 15-minute increment worksheet.

Highest and Best

To help you clarify what your specific highest-value activities are so that you can readily select the best possible 5 before 11 activities.

Mental Clutter

Are you aware of how much emotional energy this mental clutter pulls from you? Use the Mental Clutter List to make a list of the things that are bothering you.