• TOPIC:  Driving Constant Progress through Weekly Reviews
  • Instructor:  John Arnold
  • Course Length: 60 Minutes
  • Followed by Q&A

Do you have any of these common avoidable problems?:

  • Do you frequently set goals and then lose site of them? This can result in missed deadlines, late night panicked scrambles, and costly mistakes.
  • Similarly, do you find yourself stomping out fires on an all too frequent basis?
  • Or lastly, do you ever just flat out fail to complete goals you had every intention of doing but never got around to working on?

A simple discipline of weekly reviewing can not only eliminate most of these problems, but it can also set you up to improve your performance week after week.

John Arnold shares his personal weekly review practice he used last year to crush his goals, decrease his stress, and head off eleventh hour mad dashes to complete projects. Click the button below to watch this empowering video.