FREE WEBINAR: Harnessing the Power of Small Actions for Big Results

FREE WEBINAR: Harnessing the Power of Small Actions for Big Results

In this video you will discover how to take small consistent actions that produce huge positive changes.

John Arnold shares with you three powerful stories loaded with lessons on harnessing the power of micro-actions.  You’ll hear how he used micro-actions to:

  • Ruthlessly purge clutter and excess in just 40 days
  • Create a system of family chores to effortlessly keep the home clean and orderly
  • Escape depression through small but constant mental, physical, and emotional health progress

Regardless of what you would love to accomplish, learning how to tap into the power of small actions for big results is a time management skill you can’t afford to miss.

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About the Author:

John Arnold has been an avid user of 7 Minute tools since the release of Allyson’s first book The Seven Minute Difference. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister, author of the blog and has mentored and inspired people to more fully live out their faith for over 20 years. From these experiences, John brings to Seven Minutes, Inc. a unique grasp and depth of understanding as to how people learn and grow. John was an inspiring and encouraging presence to Allyson throughout the writing of The 7 Minute Solution. As Chief Inspiration Officer of Seven Minutes, Inc., he continues to work with Allyson to refine and innovate principles for living a life of greater productivity and meaning.

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