Do you know when you have done enough?

That may sound like a strange question. But, how often do you end your day feeling like you didn't do enough? (Even when you've worked really hard.)

You can put an end to feeling that way and get more done by creating scoring system for your work. I discovered this as a financial manager when I created a simple scoring system for contacting prospective clients.

I set up an easy-to-follow point system for tracking contacts I made and everyday I set a point goal. I knew when I hit my point goal I had done enough.

My simple system had a dramatic impact on my life in three ways:

  1. Replacing the stress of failing to do enough with a sense of satisfaction for hitting my goals
  2. Accomplishing more by having a clear measurable goal everyday
  3. Increased profit

In this Tuesday's webinar, I will share with you the principles I used to create my system so that you can create a scoring system of your own.

While my focus was customer contacts, you can apply the same principles to countless other types of work to reduce your stress, increase what you get done, and finally have the victory of saying, "Today, I did enough."