FREE WEBINAR:  The Top 3 Time Management Mistakes and How to Fix Them

This webinar is a 30,000 ft view of time management. Most of John Arnold's webinars get into the nitty gritty details of daily time management.

But for this webinar John pulled back and hit on three fundamental aspects of time management everyone needs to understand from a big picture point of view or none of the nitty gritty details will work well.

For example, most time management guru's teach people that they need to prioritize their to-do list. That's true, BUT as John explains, first and foremost you have to prioritize your life before you even make a list. What does that mean? Well...view  the video and find out.

This time management training video digs deep into what it takes to overcome a lack of focus, disorganization, and trying to do too much. If any or all of these problems are an issue for you come join us.

To get your copy of the free report mentioned in the video, "The Top 3 Time Management Mistakes and How to Correct Them", just click the button below.  The report includes a 7 day checklist of step-by-step instructions, the Purpose worksheet, Prioritization worksheet and one weeks worth of Daily Progress Report Pages.

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