Goal Setting Worksheets: Goals to Projects to Micro-Actions

Goal Setting Worksheets: Goals to Projects to Micro-Actions 2017-05-10T14:57:29+00:00

Goals Updated 90 Day Goals Page

Goals Updated Projects Page

Goals Updated Individual Projects Page

Goals Updated Micro Actions Page

Goals Updated 5 before 11 Weekly Page

90 Day Goal Templates

Goals Package

The 90 Day Goal Setting Worksheets include a series of five individual pages labeled “90 day work goals, projects, individual project descriptions, micro actions, and 5 before 11 weekly.” These worksheets allow you to be flexible, because some goals take more or less time than others. You’ll have such a sense of pride when you can look back at the end of 90 days and see how much you’ve accomplished, and that will free you up to enjoy life.

Download the Five Goal Setting Worksheets (PDF) –>

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