Increase Your Efficiency with Our Project Management Worksheets

Increase Your Efficiency with Our Project Management Worksheets

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Efficiency: Get More Done in Less Time

Do these projects sound familiar?:

  • Project: Cleaning out your closets
  • Project: Planning your child’s birthday party
  • Project: Sketching out your family vacation
  • Project: Preparing for the Christmas holidays
  • Project: Remodeling your bathroom
  • Project: Planning for the New Year
  • Project: Organizing 2016 tax documents
  • Project: Creating 2017 marketing budget


You have a choice to make, be average…

1) Be average and follow the crowd. When you are average, a project is on your calendar (hopefully), but little happens until one day you say, “Oh goodness, I better get started. I should have already sent out the invitations…called the pool guy…gotten my financial records together…etc.” (Usually, too late or in the last minute)

Now you are under the gun and racing a clock. Your accountant is calling you for what he needs. You have to put in your vacation request, but don’t know when or where you are going. You haven’t picked a color, but the painter is coming Monday and needs to know.

You get the picture — Suddenly you are scrambling, because someone or something has pushed a button and something has to happen now. And, it doesn’t matter if now is horrible timing. Stressful, chaotic, inefficient – that’s average.

Or, you can be exceptional

2) Be exceptional and work a plan. When you are an exceptional person, you put a project on the calendar. Before there is any pressure, you create a list of doable actions. And then…

  • You pick when those actions will happen at your convenience, not someone else’s last minute request
  • You schedule what needs to happen with margin for the unexpected
  • You enjoy the process rather than being driven and burdened by the project
  • You do your best work, rather than just pulling a project off
  • You feel good when the projects over, not depleted
  • You are proud of your accomplishment, not embarrassed by costly mistakes

So how do YOU become exceptional?

Watch the video, “Increase Your Efficiency: The Stress Free Way To Tackle Tough  Projects at Work and at Home” and learn the secrets to successful project management.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The NEW way to look at project management, so you aren’t doomed to fail from the start
  • How to break down projects into “micro-actions” using our project management worksheet
  • The key to creating and sustaining momentum on projects with one simple daily planning tip
  • How to avoid procrastination so you work at your convenience, not someone else’s
  • The “One Yard Line” principle to 100% project completion

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