Introduction to Time Management Worksheets

Introduction to Time Management Worksheets

Introduction to Time Management Worksheets

The 7 Minute Solution: Time Management Strategies to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify Your Life at Work and at Home

This is an excerpt from my latest time management book, The 7 Minute Solution. This article is an introduction to using The 7 Minute Life Time Management Worksheets.

By now you’re well aware of the problem: We live in a too-busy, information-saturated world. The nonstop pace distracts our focus and keeps us from paying attention to the aspects of life that bring deeper meaning: our relationships, our faith, our ability to make a difference in others’ lives. The seven vital signs we’ve discussed—awareness, motivation, growing and learning, engagement, perseverance, flow, and faith—are the keys to bringing the meaning we desire back into our lives. Making a conscious decision to focus our attention on what really matters is the only way to achieve that meaning.

So, you are aware of the problem, and you know the solution. In the next section, you will learn how to implement the solution. The tools and ideas there will give you something solid to stand on, as well as the time and inspiration to fly. Life does not have to be an either/or choice; you can be firmly rooted and still experience the thrill of creativity and adventure. We’ve designed time management worksheets, systems and tools in this book (which you can download the free time management worksheets online) to appeal to your left brain’s need for structure and order. But equally as important, by implementing them you will free up time and mental space, and you will gain access to your right brain so you can dream, create, and fully feel life.

The 7 Minute SolutionThroughout my book, The 7 Minute Solution, you’ve been learning how your amazing brain works. My prayer and hope are that you’ll use this knowledge and the 7 Minute Life Time Management Worksheets, tools, exercises, and strategies—to improve your life and your results. Specifically, the tools will help you focus your attention on what matters most to you. You must choose what you will pay attention to so you can experience your best possible life. The ability to attend to a task and to concentrate your full attention on something means that you are consciously choosing not to attend to something else. Every choice carries a significant price; what you pay attention to determines the life you will experience.

Your mind is the filter that determines what you will pay attention to. The good news is that you can control that filter. The 7 Minute Solution and the tools we will discuss in this section will help you learn first how to create the boundaries of a meaningful life and then how to create the neuronal pathways to execute that plan seven minutes at a time.

Choice by choice, task by task, the 7 Minute systems, processes, worksheets, and tools act as peripheral brains. Like concrete “rumble strips” on the interstate that alert you when you drive onto the shoulder, these peripheral brains will jolt you into the awareness that you need to make a slight adjustment to your direction. These time management tools are tangible. You will be able to see them and hold them in your hand. They will act as sensory cues to remind you what is most important to you. They will help your reticular activating system tune into the activities, circumstances, people, and resources you need to experience a life filled with meaning.

Start Using Our Free Downloadable Time Management Worksheets

So, let’s get started! Examples of the tools and worksheets pages of The 7 Minute Solution are included in this book, but you’ll want to print out copies of the following exercises. Download them free at (Feel free to share this website with your friends, family members, and coworkers!) You can begin using the tools immediately, but to get the most out of your efforts, start by investing one day in planning for your next ninety days, and then give yourself seven minutes each day to create a daily action plan.

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Allyson Lewis is a time management expert. Allyson Lewis is the creator of 20+ time management worksheets and productivity templates. She is a best-selling author. She has spent the last 30 years developing and teaching concrete, actionable business ideas all over the country. She has created the #1 Daily Planning Tool for people who struggle with ADD and procrastination, The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner. Check out Allyson Lewis's books of the daily planning templates, webinars, and make sure to download our FREE REPORT: "The Top 3 Time Management Mistakes and How to Correct Them" and follow her on Twitter @allyson7minutes and Facebook.