Learning Worksheet

What do you want to learn? When will you make time to learn? 

Tool Description

The Learning Worksheet

Continual learning is one of my core values. I love reading. Words fascinate me. When I am reading a book and suddenly the words on the page open my eyes to new learning, something happens physically.

Learning is challenging and exciting, and it renews me. I believe that learning is a key factor in neuroplasticity because every single thing you learn makes you different. You change as you learn. You can use the “7 Minute” idea of reading ten pages of a book per day, or you can download books from www.audible.com to your smart phone and listen to books while you exercise or clean your home.

Use the Learning Worksheet as a written reminder of your commitment to continual learning. This tool is written in first person:

  • What do I want to learn
  • When will I make time to learn
  • How will I learn
    • Book
    • Audio
    • Attend classes
    • Personal conversations

Be committed to continual learning.

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