The 7 Minute Life 7-Week Business Masterclass



Discover the Secrets I Used to Reengage in Life with Passion, Purpose, and Meaningful Goals


Join Allyson Lewis, an internationally recognized author, speaker and time management expert in this groundbreaking masterclass.

Engagement =
Increased Revenues

Time Management

Organize your life at work and at home

Clarify Your Vision

Build your strategic business plan

Set Meaningful Goals

Set and achieve your goals

Allyson's Personal Journey

Allyson Lewis will share her personal journey of self-discovery.

Rediscover your purpose
Improve your time management
Grow ($) your business

Reach Your Full Potential

The 7 Minute Life Business Accelerator is designed to help participants improve time management skills, increase daily productivity, create strategic plans, develop short-term and long-term goals, strengthen team communication, and implement repeatable processes and systems.


  • Improve your time management
  • Simplify your life at work and at home
  • Create 90-day personal goals
  • Create repeatable processes and systems
  • Accomplish 5 tasks before 11:00am
  • Do what you said you would do
  • Reconnect with your priorities
  • Rediscover your purpose
  • Improve your attention & focus
  • Reduce worry, stress, and anxiety
  • Have more time for the people you love
  • Reengage with your work

Books and Planners Sold

YouTube Minutes Watched

Fight Burnout
Are You Overwhelmed, Stuck, Frozen, and Exhausted?

Stuck in procrastination? Frustrated with the lack of systems in your personal and professional life?

Learn from Allyson Lewis

Nearly 4 Decades of Entrepreneural Success

The 7 Minute Life was created by Allyson Lewis. Allyson was born an entrepreneur and has always surrounded herself with mentors, coaches, and mastermind groups. There are plenty of smart people in the world. People who live with passion and purpose. Business men and women who are willing to share their stories and insights. This is your opportunity to spend face-to-face time with an internationally recognized author, speaker, coach, and thought leader.

Learn More.
Watch the video above.

Work/Life Balance

Re-engage your workforce.
It’s time to dream the impossible, create the unimagined, and learn how to thrive. If you want your life to be different tomorrow than it is today, then you must choose to be different. Register for this life-changing event.

Clear Vision

Clarify who you are and who you want to be. Entreprenuers combine passion with innovation. As an entrepreneur, you are willing to take risks other business people are not willing to take. It is in your nature to dream of building a business that generates exponential growth and makes a positive impact on the world. You will learn how to clarify your vision.

Deep Connection with your Priorities and Purpose in Life

In this Masterclass you will maximize meaning in life through rediscovering the power of purpose, innovation, creativity, excellence, and happiness.​ Learn how to align your daily work with your personal priorities, purpose, and life goals. There is an internal human desire to grow and change. In life, we are either moving forward, or we are slowly dying. 

Knowledge to Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals

Jim Rohn said, “Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people won’t.” You need tools and templates to create meaningful goals. Your business will not succeed without a strategic business plan. You will gain access to practical goal setting strategies.

Communication Skills

The 7 Minute Life Masterclass includes the DiSC profile. You will gain powerful insights to your workstyle preferences. Your indepth DiSC assessment will help you celebrate your strengths and become more aware of your challenges. You will develop interpersonal skills and learn how to outline clear team roles and responsiblities.

Time Management and Project Management

Time is your most valuable currency. The 7 Minute Life was founded as a time management company. From the moment you register for this Masterclass you will begin the learning journey to dramatically improve your daily productivity, increase your efficiency, and learn to work from a written daily plan of action.


"Accessible, easy to use, ready to go. The 7 Minute Life takes helpful information and organizes it in a way that is very useable right away. It is so easy to pick up, use the tools, and see them work effectively, in real time, each day. This takes away the confusing “how” of making changes and really empowers you to take back control of your time."

"I thought this was a very worthwhile experience. It was not a typical business workshop. The overall theme was more about creating a purpose rather than just a few marketing ideas. Time well spent."

"This Masterclass reinforced my beliefs and compassions and will help me to re-focus on my business and on my personal vision and purpose in life. This was unlike most training sessions, this session contained actionable ideas and tools that can be used by professionals at all levels. Dynamic and engaging presentation."

"Thanks, Allyson! You are a great motivator and a testament to success. I believe that with this material I can truly increase my production by 200+% as well as become a better person. Your ideas are very usable, and I now have a purpose in life."

"The 7 Minute Life teaches you how to connect priorities and goals to high-value tasks, so your day is more productive, not just busy. After taking the course and using the tools, I start my day with a clear focus. My projects move forward, and my goals get accomplished. Life feels better, all with 7 minutes of planning."

What Will You Learn?

Masterclass and
Business Accelerator

The 7 Minute Life Business Accelerator is structured as a 7-Week Masterclass. Space is limited to the first 15 registrants. The benefit of participating in a small group masterclass include: interactive exercises, peer-to-peer learning, and the opportunity to network.


The program runs for 7-weeks. The weekly sessions are 2-hours each and are held live via Zoom. 

Who is it for?

There is renewed interest in “human” training. This masterclass is for:

– Leaders
– Emerging Leaders
– Financial Advisors
– Entrepreneurs
– Realtors®
– Continual Learners
– People Passionate about Continual Personal Development

Registration Fee

The registration fee is $997 per person.
Or, we offer a 12-payment option of $97 per month (total $1164)

We are offering two different options.
Depending on your schedule, you can enroll in the morning sessions or, you can enroll in the evening sessions.

Tuesday AM Session Masterclass starting July 12, 2022
9:15 -11:15 AM Central

Tuesday PM Session Masterclass starting July 12, 2022
5:30-7:30 PM Central


$1164.00 broken up into 12x monthly installments of $97.

7 Weekly sessions on Tuesdays at 9:15 AM CT beginning July 12, 2022.


$997 one payment

7 Weekly sessions on Tuesdays at 9:15 AM CT beginning July 12, 2022.


$1164.00 broken up into 12x monthly installments of $97.

7 Weekly sessions on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM CT beginning July 12, 2022.


$997 one payment

7 Weekly sessions on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM CT beginning July 12, 2022.

What is included?

Digital Materials:

You will have access to the followig Digital Materials and Platforms

  • Live, Interactive Classes
  • DiSC Assessment
  • The 7 Minute Life Digital Daily Planner
  • Access to The 7 Minute Life University
  • 28+ Time Management and Life Management Assessments, Tools, and Worksheets

What will I receive in the mail?

Physical Materials

The following physical materials will be shipped to you:

  • The 7 Minute Life 7-Week Masterclass Student Binder
  • The 7 Minute Solution
  • The 7 Minute Life – Life Planner / Daily Planner
  • Masterclass Tote Bag
  • Masterclass Note Journal





What if I miss a class or session?

You receive a link to the recording of the live session the day after the class. Although missing one or two classes is not a problem, these live sessions are the main way to receive the coaching and community benefits of the 7 Minute Life Masterclass. We highly recommend enrolling in a Masterclass with live sessions that suit your schedule. 

Are the live online classes recorded for replay?

Yes, the recording link will be sent to you one day after the live class in case you missed it or want to review the material again. These links remain active for 4 weeks after the last Masterclass session.

Do you offer group or enterprise packages for teams?

The 7 Minute Life specializes in working together with corporations and organizations to provide training and tools for teams. Contact us at to find out how you can enroll your team in a Masterclass that fits your schedule and enhances your corporate culture.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

How much time should I set aside for the Masterclasses?

Schedule two hours a week for the live class. During the 7 weeks of the Masterclass, we also encourage you to spend additional time each week to create your strategic business plan, write out your life plan, participate in the Weekly Challenges, establish the 7 Minute Life habits, and use the 7 Minute Life Daily Planner, so you can hit the ground running.

What is The 7 Minute Life?

The 7 Minute Life is a global leader helping individuals and companies find purpose and happiness in their work and life by delivering world-class personal and professional development designed to help people prioritize, organize, and simplify lives at work and at home.  With a mental health crisis underway in the US leading to 85% of workers being passively or actively disengaged, The 7 Minute Life works with individuals and organizations to utilize the resources of time, energy, emotion, and money to maximize both productivity and well-being.

Over the last 29+ years we’ve built and delivered a step-by-step process that is reinventing productivity and well-being. Our technology-based tools, worksheets, strategic templates, and daily planners coupled with books, videos, training, and coaching turn organizational goals into measurable outcomes for teams.