The 7 Minute Life is all about making the most of every moment and maximizing personal productivity. Today, we’re going to delve deep into an exciting and transformative topic – “daily routines.” Having an effective daily routine can be a stepping stone to achieving more in life. When well-structured, your daily routine can significantly boost productivity, mental clarity, and overall satisfaction. It’s the secret sauce that separates “high achievers” from the rest.

In my years of research and personal experience, I’ve identified seven key habits that are common among high achievers worldwide. Today, we’re going to explore these habits together. We’ll look at the magic of a consistent morning routine and how it sets the tone for the rest of the day. We will also delve into the power of the 15-minute increment planning method – a tool that revolutionizes time management and productivity.

Whether you’re a professional aiming to climb the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur navigating the thrilling yet challenging path of building a business, or a stay-at-home parent striving to balance your personal goals with family responsibilities, these habits are universal. They can help you to better structure your day, gain control over your time, and ultimately achieve your most ambitious goals.

Let’s dive right into the incredible world of high achievers and their key habits in their daily routines. Here’s to unlocking your fullest potential!

Daily Routine Habit #1: Embrace the Power of Morning Routines

The first of the seven key habits of high achievers is establishing a compelling morning routine. One stellar example that I admire greatly is Oprah Winfrey. Known as one of the world’s most successful and influential women, Oprah’s daily routine is a testament to how a structured start to the day can lay the groundwork for sustained success.

Her morning routine is simple yet profound. It begins with meditation, allowing her to center her mind, cultivate inner peace, and enhance her mental clarity. This quiet reflection prepares her for the rigors of the day and is a foundation for her unwavering focus.

Following meditation, she continues with physical exercise, an essential component that promotes overall health, boosts energy levels, and enhances mood. Finally, she rounds off her morning routine with a nutritious, balanced meal. This balanced breakfast provides her with the fuel she needs to power through her day, maintaining her energy levels and concentration.

As with all daily routines, the beauty lies in personalization. Oprah’s morning routine works well for her, but what’s important is identifying and establishing a routine that fits your lifestyle, meets your needs, and resonates with your personal goals.

Personally, my journey to taking control of my life and significantly reducing feelings of overwhelm began when I discovered the power of my own morning routine. It was a period in my life when the pressures of everyday life felt daunting and disorienting. However, this routine became a game-changer for me.

Now known as The 7 Minute Life Morning Routine, my daily routine focuses on creating a to-do list, but not just any to-do list. This list is filtered based on my priorities, enabling me to distinguish between the urgent and the important, thereby aligning my tasks with my long-term goals. Understanding my day’s primary goal and filtering my to-do list through that goal and my overarching priorities has helped me stay focused and productive, providing a sense of direction and purpose to my daily routine.

You can get started with this morning routine by downloading the free Daily Progress Report here.

Embracing a morning routine personalized to you can be an incredibly transformative step. It not only organizes your day but also ensures you are aligned with your values, your priorities, and ultimately your vision of success. Remember, your daily routine is the vessel that carries you towards your goals, so make it count!

Daily Routine Habit #2: Plan Your Day in 15-Minute Increments

The second habit of high achievers involves time blocking. Renowned entrepreneur and tech innovator, Elon Musk, exemplifies this habit. He is known for his unique approach to managing his daily routine by breaking his day into small, manageable blocks of time. This practice allows him to maintain laser-like focus on his tasks and maximize productivity throughout his day.

The concept of slicing your day into bite-sized time frames might seem novel, but the impact it has on efficiency and productivity is immense. Inspired by such high achievers, I’ve incorporated planning my daily routine in 15-minute increments, which has significantly boosted my own organization and time management skills.

It’s quite astonishing when you realize the substantial progress you can make when you start viewing your day in 15-minute blocks. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure of time you never knew you had! This approach forces you to be intentional with your time and ensures that each moment of your day aligns with your priorities and goals.

I invite you to embark on this journey towards increased productivity by adopting the 15-minute increment planning method in your daily routine. To help you get started, I’ve created a free 15-minute increment worksheet which you can download here.

For a deeper understanding of why this is such an effective time management strategy, I encourage you to read my blog post “Why 15-Minute Increments are the Secret to Effective Time Management”. This piece dives into the science behind this method and provides practical steps for incorporating it into your daily routine.

Daily Routine Habit #3: Embrace Continuous Learning

As an avid learner myself, the principle of lifelong learning is one that I believe is truly underrated. High achievers understand the critical role of knowledge and constant growth in paving their path to success. Take the example of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s most influential people. He is known for his insatiable hunger for knowledge, famously reading a new book each week as part of his daily routine. This commitment to learning keeps him constantly informed, innovative, and evolving.

Reading has always been a crucial part of my learning process. However, learning comes in many forms beyond just reading and I try to incorporate learning into my daily routine each day. I often listen to audiobooks during my commute or watch educational YouTube tutorials to enhance my skills and knowledge while I’m having a snack. By incorporating learning into my daily routine, I ensure that every day brings with it an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.

Embracing lifelong learning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. It’s all about creating a daily routine that provides space for you to explore, learn, and grow in ways that align with your interests and goals.

If you’re wondering where to start on your learning journey, I’ve curated a list for LifeHack about 77 books that have changed my life. This list features books that have profoundly impacted my personal and professional development. They offer insights and wisdom that have helped shape my perspective and approach to life. Remember, in the pursuit of becoming a high achiever, knowledge is your greatest asset. Let’s make learning an indispensable part of your daily routine, starting today!

Daily Routine Habit #4: Prioritize Physical Health

Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, is known for his dedication to physical fitness and has an intense daily routine that includes vigorous stair climbing. This disciplined approach to physical activity has helped him stay sharp and energetic, even while managing one of the world’s largest media companies.

Prioritizing physical health, as Iger does, is a common trait among high achievers. They understand that their bodies are the vessels that enable them to reach their lofty goals. Hence, taking care of their physical health becomes an essential part of their daily routine.

There’s no need to be daunted by the intensity of Iger’s regimen though. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine doesn’t mean you need to start climbing stairs for hours. It’s about finding an activity that you enjoy and can consistently perform. For instance, I love playing pickleball. I’m certainly not a professional player, but the joy and excitement I experience while playing make it a crucial part of my fitness routine.

Including physical activity in my daily routine has not just helped me stay fit and healthy, but it also serves as a stress reliever and a source of joy. When you find a physical activity that you love, it no longer feels like a chore, but rather an enjoyable part of your day.

So, let’s take a cue from high achievers like Bob Iger and make regular physical activity a part of our daily routine. Remember, it’s not about being the best or the fittest, but about finding an activity that you love and helps maintain your health. After all, your physical health is directly linked to your mental well-being and overall productivity, making it a crucial aspect of the journey towards becoming a high achiever.

Daily Routine Habit #5: Focus on One Task at a Time

Few individuals symbolize success better than the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett. Buffett’s approach to his daily routine showcases the power of singularity, focusing intensely on one task at a time rather than juggling multiple tasks. His strategy isn’t to do a thousand things decently well, but to do a few things exceptionally well.

This concept, known as single-tasking, is an essential element of high achievers’ daily routines. Despite the allure of multitasking in our fast-paced society, research continually suggests that our brains are designed to concentrate on one thing at a time. When we multitask, we split our focus, which often leads to mistakes, half-finished tasks, and a feeling of scattered, frantic energy.

Single-tasking, on the other hand, allows us to dive deep into a project or task. This focused attention leads to more meaningful progress, a higher quality of work, and a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. For example, when I sit down to write a new chapter for my book, I close all other tabs, put my phone on silent, and commit to writing without distractions for a set amount of time. This practice helps me to create higher-quality content, and I find that I’m more satisfied with the work I’ve accomplished.

Incorporating single-tasking into your daily routine doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start small, maybe with a dedicated, uninterrupted 15 minutes on a single task. You’ll likely find that these focused sessions are far more productive than hours of divided attention.

Remember, not every task needs your undivided attention, but significant tasks that require deeper thought, creativity, or strategic planning will benefit from this approach. By integrating single-tasking into your daily routine, you are prioritizing quality over quantity, depth over breadth, just like Warren Buffett.

Daily Routine Habit #6: Cultivate a Positive Mindset

High achievers recognize that success isn’t solely determined by strategies or skills, but also by one’s mindset. A vital part of many high achievers’ daily routine is dedicated to nurturing a positive outlook. Notably, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, whom we discussed earlier, has a daily routine that underscores the power of positivity and gratitude.

A steadfast element of Oprah’s daily routine is her gratitude journal. Every day, she takes the time to list out things she’s grateful for. This practice, she says, has made a significant impact on her outlook on life. By recognizing and appreciating the good things, big or small, she maintains a positive perspective, even amidst life’s inevitable challenges and setbacks.

It’s easy to fall into a cycle of focusing on the negatives, especially when times are tough. However, integrating a practice of daily gratitude into your routine can shift your focus to the abundance and positivity in your life. In my journey, I’ve found that maintaining a daily gratitude journal has been transformative. It’s a conscious reminder of the good in life, which inspires positivity and resilience.

Creating a gratitude routine can be simple. Each morning or evening, take a few moments to jot down three things you’re grateful for. They don’t have to be monumental—sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures, like a good cup of coffee or a productive meeting, that make the biggest impact.

Moreover, positivity extends beyond personal benefits. A positive mindset can transform your interactions with others, improve your problem-solving abilities, and enhance your creativity. Positivity is contagious and can create a more supportive and stimulating environment, both personally and professionally.

By incorporating a gratitude practice into your daily routine, like Oprah, you are nurturing a positive mindset—one that is essential for overcoming challenges, bouncing back from failures, and ultimately, achieving your dreams. It’s a reminder that we often find what we are looking for. So, why not look for the good?

Daily Routine Habit #7: Practice Consistency

Consistency is the cornerstone of any high achiever’s daily routine. It may not sound flashy or groundbreaking, but its transformative power is undeniable. Whether we’re talking about global icons or successful individuals in our own communities, high achievers share one common trait: they are consistently consistent.

Establishing and sticking to a consistent daily routine is the hidden secret behind many great achievements. When you perform beneficial tasks consistently, you create a momentum that propels you closer to your goals. This momentum is what separates high achievers from the rest. They don’t rely solely on motivation or inspiration, which can be fleeting; instead, they build a robust system of consistent habits that guide them on their journey towards success.

As an example, consider the consistency of my morning routine. By performing the same actions every morning, including prioritizing my tasks, meditating, and focusing on gratitude, I create a positive, productive start to my day. This consistent start boosts my productivity and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The beauty of establishing a consistent daily routine is that it doesn’t require a complete life overhaul. In fact, starting small is the best approach. Select one aspect of your daily routine—such as your morning routine, daily reading, or exercise—and focus on consistency in that area. Over time, this consistency will become second nature, and you can incorporate additional consistent habits into your daily routine.

Building a consistent routine might take time and require discipline, but the rewards are immense. It’s like compounding interest; the benefits keep accumulating over time. By establishing a consistent daily routine, you create a reliable framework for success. It’s not about perfection, but about progress—consistent, incremental progress. Remember, it’s what we do consistently that shapes our lives, not what we do occasionally.

So, let’s celebrate consistency and its transformative power. It’s time to take that first step towards a more organized, productive, and fulfilling life. And remember, your daily routine is your secret weapon on the journey towards becoming a high achiever.

Implementing These 7 Key Habits into Your Life

You might be wondering, “These habits sound great, but how do I start implementing them?” Here’s a quick summary and action points for you:

  1. Create a personalized morning routine: Begin your day with meditation, exercise, or simply filtering your to-do list based on your priorities. Try our 7 Minute Morning Routine to kickstart your day.
  2. Plan your day in 15-minute increments: Use our 15-minute increment worksheet to organize your day and maximize your productivity.
  3. Embrace continuous learning: Dedicate time each day for learning, whether it’s reading a book or taking an online course.
  4. Prioritize physical health: Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Even a short walk can make a significant difference.
  5. Focus on one task at a time: Practice deep work and complete one task before moving on to the next.
  6. Cultivate a positive mindset: Practice gratitude and strive to maintain a positive perspective, even in the face of challenges.
  7. Practice consistency: Be consistent in your habits and routines to create momentum towards your goals.

High achievers know that success isn’t achieved overnight. It’s the result of consistent, intentional actions taken each day. Your daily routine is the foundation for these actions, so start today, and make your daily routine your stepping stone to high achievement. After all, it’s the small steps that lead to significant transformations!

Daily Routine and Habits: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Who are examples of high achievers?
High achievers come from all walks of life and industries. In this blog post, we discussed Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Bob Iger, and Warren Buffett as examples of high achievers. They have each excelled in their respective fields and are known for their consistent and intentional daily routines.

What do high achievers do differently?
High achievers typically have a highly structured and consistent daily routine. They prioritize health and wellness, continual learning, and goal-oriented actions. They also avoid multitasking, focus on maintaining a positive mindset, and plan their day in manageable increments, like the 15-minute planning method we’ve discussed.

What is a good daily routine?
A good daily routine is one that aligns with your personal goals, physical and mental health needs, and contributes to your overall productivity and fulfillment. It often includes habits such as exercise, mindful eating, regular learning, focused work periods, gratitude practices, and adequate rest. Remember, a good daily routine is individualized and should be tailored to suit your unique lifestyle and aspirations.

What does having a daily routine do?
Having a daily routine brings structure, productivity, and balance to our lives. It can boost our efficiency, manage stress, improve mental health, and create a sense of control and order. A consistent daily routine can also create positive habits that lead to increased success and happiness.

How can I start creating my daily routine? Start by assessing your current lifestyle and identifying areas you’d like to improve or goals you want to achieve. Begin with small changes, such as implementing a consistent morning routine or dedicating 15-minute increments to focused tasks. Remember, the goal isn’t perfection but consistent progress.

Why is consistency important in a daily routine? Consistency in a daily routine is key to creating positive habits and achieving long-term goals. It allows for the building of momentum, leading to increased productivity and progress. A consistent daily routine ensures that actions align with goals, leading to gradual but significant positive changes over time.

How can I incorporate the 15-minute increment planning into my daily routine?

Start by breaking down your day into 15-minute increments and assigning a specific task or activity to each block. This could be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes to reading a chapter of a book, doing a short workout, or planning your tasks for the next day. This method promotes focused work and can increase productivity significantly. For more guidance, check out our free 15-minute increment worksheet here.

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