Micro-Actions are tiny actions taken everyday. Small steps toward big changes.

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All of life is really a series of tiny actions, tiny choices, and tiny decisions I call micro-actions. Microactions are important because they get us moving. They are a starting point, and they are the difference between being stuck (doing nothing) and taking action and moving forward. Microactions compound. If you accomplish one micr0action, such as returning a phone call to help you complete a project, it may not seem like much, but over time a series of deliberate microactions compound into a tipping point. Microactions don’t overwhelm you; they are achievable. And because they are so tiny, they are very doable.

Making small changes in your thoughts and behavior can result in monumental differences in your life. The 7 Minute Microactions are so simple that they are often overlooked and underutilized. But they can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. In my own life, the microaction of writing down a short description of purpose resulted in a major change in my personal and professional life. But microactions can take any number of forms, including:


  • Outlining your daily plan of action
  • Thanking a coworker for a job well done
  • Building time in the day to catch up between meetings
  • Being on time or early for every meeting
  • Writing two thank-you notes per week
  • Reading ten pages of a book
  • Getting up fifteen minutes earlier
  • Eating more fruit
  • Drinking more water

When incorporated into a daily routine, these microactions take on an even greater potential for bringing about immense new levels of productivity and growth in our work and home life. Microactions are the tiny steps toward positive growth that you take every day. Microactions are manageable and easy to accomplish. And, their power compounds over time. It is exactly because they are so easy to accomplish that, after only a few days of focusing on them, you will see results.

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