Principles of Planning

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How to Use The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner

Listen to the audio titled “The Principles of Planning”… How One Man’s Life Changed in JUST 30 Days…and how your life can change, too!

This is a 42 minute audio with John Arnold, a user of The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner.

This special audio is his step-by-step story of how he: –

  • Overcame his bottomless demoralizing to-do list
  • Found out the importance of taking the FIRST STEP
  • ‘Unwittingly’ prioritized his BIG 5 goals for the next 90 days
  • Learned how to SCHEDULE time to accomplish his goals
  • Enjoyed the awesome feeling, “I did everything I planned today.”
  • Discovered the importance of having everything in ONE place

Download the interview, right click and ‘save as’ →

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