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Everything you need to manage your time, achieve your goals, and balance your life at work and at home will now fit in the palm of your hand. Introducing 7 Minute Planner app from The 7 Minute Life™.

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  • Set your priorities and stick to them
  • Learn to avoid interruptions and distractions
  • Master the chaos of endless unfinished tasks
  • De-clutter your mind and your life
  • Have time for the people and things you love

Meet Your New Best Friend!

Meet the 7 Minute Planner app, your new best friend! With this app, we’ve taken proven time management and productivity ideas and over 30 years of Allyson’s time management experience and molded that into a systematic, repeatable, daily process that you can use every day to achieve your goals in your professional and personal life.

Other calendars, date books, and reminder apps simply list your obligations. The 7 Minute Planner app helps you actively take charge of your time, orienting everything you do toward your most important priorities. That’s powerful productivity on the go!

tsml daily planner app logo

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The Most Effective Planning System Available

7 Minute Planner App equips you to leverage every minute of your day ensuring you make the highest and best use of your time. This enables you to rapidly achieve goals which are directly connected to your deepest values and purpose.

Don’t know what your values and purpose are? 7 Minute Planner app helps you identify those as well so that you are driven from the inside to go after the goals you set for yourself.

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The Most Comprehensive Planning System Available

Most planners only talk about your work and appointments. But you already know your life isn’t just work and appointments. It is family, finances, health, friends, and so much more.

7 Minute Planner app gives you the power to prioritize, organize, and simplify every aspect of life at work and at home. More than 10 worksheets that people LOVE in our physical planner are a part of the app making sure you are on top of you game concerning every aspect of your life.

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And Yet, Amazingly Easy To Use

You might expect an app this feature rich to be complicated. The last thing you want is a time management tool that takes away your time!

However, the app features easy to follow menus making it ultra user friendly. And when you do have questions, we have even included an extensive video help section to make sure you get the most out of the app.

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Where the Rubber meets the ROAD!

Over 10 Fill-in the blank worksheets help you rapidly organize life at work and home.

Unfinished Tasks at Work and Home

Put an end to procrastination and create unstoppable forward momentum by completing unfinished tasks.

Mental Clutter

Create greater focus by purging distracting thoughts and bringing closure to linger issues.

Annual Projects And Tasks

Map out the big picture for the year to keep you on task over the months to come.

Meeting Planner

Eliminate unproductive meetings by defining clear outcomes, key people, and action steps.

Grocery List

Point and click master list allows you to quickly generate a grocery list and never forget an item again.

Monthly Progress Report

Constantly achieve higher performance by identifying winning actions and adjustments you need to make.

90 Day Personal and Work Goals

Rise to personal and professional success by clearly defining goals based off of your highest values and purpose.

90 day Financial Goals

Become debt free and increase your wealth by setting clear and realistic financial goals.

Life Goals

Leave a legacy and make a difference by defining your destiny with life goals.

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