Project Management

The project management worksheet will help you increase personal productivity.

Project Management

The Project Management Worksheet is a downloadable productivity template. Organize your thoughts: Download the Project Management Worksheet Fill in the start date Write a short description of the project Use the lines on the worksheet to brainstorm and write down: What is the goal/outcome you need to accomplish Why you are working on this project Is this the right time to work on this project Who needs to be involved Prioritize your list Place a checkmark beside each task you finish Finish the project Do these projects sound familiar? What tools and strategies are you using to improve your project management? Project: Creating annual marketing plan Project: Preparing for client presentation Project: Organizing tax documents Project: Designing website Project: Interviewing and hiring a new associate Project: Cleaning out your closets Project: Organizing your filing cabinet Project: Developing your personal budget Project: What will you feed your family for dinner? Project: Planning a vacation Project: Preparing for the Christmas holidays Project: Remodeling your bathroom

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