Transform your business and personal life, one micro-action at the time

Welcome to the 7 Minute Life Realtor Membership! You may not realize it yet, but you will look back at this as the turning point of real, lasting change. 

You’re embarking on a journey from stress to success and from clutter to clarity. You will learn a revolutionary new way to do business that will give you back control over your life. Each step will give you the time management tools, planners, courses and essential knowledge to organize, prioritize, and simplify your life. Let’s get started! 

Starters Checklist [7 minutes]

Step 1

Download The 7 Minute Life mobile app. Log in with your 7 Minute Life information.

Step 2

Request to join The 7 Minute Life Real Estate Community on Facebook, so you can connect with fellow realtor members in Florida. Keep each other on track and receive weekly challenges, reminders, and accountability opportunities.

Step 3

Take a look at the Events calendar and register for the next live webinar.

Step 4

Add Email Address to your contacts, so that all the important emails guiding you on your journey don’t land in
your spam inbox.

Step 5

Create your free account on The 7 Minute Life University. We’ll guide you to the right course at the right time, but feel free to take a look around already!

Step 6

Write May 25 @ 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm CDT in your calendar, so you can talk with Allyson during a live Q&A session on Zoom.