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This is not the 1960s…
We deliver a holistic, modern approach to personal and leadership development.

Organizations spend millions of dollars on personal and professional development. This is not the 1960s. There is still a place for Dale Carnegie Leadership Training and Franklin Covey. But, I want to challenge you to review your current training programs. Your employees want to develop more than negotiation and public speaking skills.  But, there is a human desire to learn and grow. Employees are consciously aware of the importance of each day, and they want their work to make a difference in the world.

With a mental health crisis underway in the US, 67% of workers being passively or actively disengaged. ​The 7 Minute Life utilizes the resources of time, energy, emotion, and money to maximize productivity and well-being. ​Our personal and professional development training teaches individuals and companies how to align business growth with helping individual employees become their best self.

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Keynote Speaking

Whether you’re looking for a Motivational Keynote Speaker, a Corporate Trainings Coach, or a more intensive Leadership Retreat, Founder & CEO Allyson Lewis is known for her high-energy, inspirational methods that teach individuals how to create a more fulfilling life, leading to increased productivity and happiness.

Executive Coaching

Overcome obstacles and create lasting, effective change with one-on-one coaching with 7 Minute Life Founder & CEO Allyson Lewis. Whether you’re looking for Personal, Financial, or Executive Coaching, Allyson’s 30+ years of training and experience will guide you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

Team Training

The 7 Minute Life is going beyond just re-skilling their employees to work efficiently
as members of the remote workforce. We are passionate about helping companies thrive.
We are driven to inspire innovation, creativity, and curiosity. The 7 Minute Life delivers customized personal development and business development training.

Live Masterclass

Accelerate your business and get more out of life. This intensive 7 weeks of in-depth training with 7 Minute Life Founder Allyson Lewis will teach you how to master your daily routine so that you can work smarter, not harder.   This weekly 2-hour online small group coaching will take your personal life and business to the next level.

7ML University

Begin aligning your purpose and priorities to increase profits & create a more meaningful life using The 7 Minute Life University. More than just an ecourse, the University is filled with productivity tools, inspirational courses, and live interactive webinars. Create more effective daily routines and get feedback about your progress in the Community group.

Work with us.

Whether you’re an individual looking for help to take back control of your time and life or looking for ways your company can increase revenue and productivity, The 7 Minute Life can help you get there.  

The 7 Minute Life Digital Daily Planner

SO COOL, you won’t believe your eyes.

The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner, created by time management expert, Allyson Lewis is a 90-day daily planning datebook designed to help you become more deliberate about the life you lead. The essence of living an attentive life is to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify®. By prioritizing your core values, creating a written purpose statement, and establishing your 90-day goals, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and live the life you want.

  •  Set your priorities and stick to them
  • Take control over your life
  • Learn to avoid interruptions and distractions
  • Master the chaos of endless unfinished tasks
  • Declutter your mind and your life
  • Permanently beat procrastination
  • Get rid of stress and anxiety
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Have time for the people and things you love
  • Live according to your true purpose!
The 7 Minute Life University

Enroll in the 7 Minute Life University for interactive live classes, online time management courses and self-discovery tools.

7-Week Live Masterclass with Allyson Lewis

Register for the 7-Week Live Masterclass

For the last 29 years, Allyson has spent more than 10,000 hours researching, writing, speaking, teaching, training, and coaching the philosophy, principles, and practices of The 7 Minute Life. Her purpose is to help people thrive. She inspires people to reengage at work and in life with passion, purpose, clarity, commitment, productivity, kindness, excitement, adventure, creativity, innovation, and happiness.

In just 7-weeks, you will unlock the secrets to:

  • Organize your life
  • Declutter your physical space
  • Build a 90-day strategic plan
  • Set and achieve meaningful personal goals
  • Identify what you value most in life
  • Clarify your “why”
  • Take a sneak peek into Neuroplasticity: the (really cool) brain science of change
  • And, so much more!
7-Hour Self-Guided Masterclass

For the last 29 years, Allyson has spent more than 10,000 hours researching, writing, speaking, teaching, training, and coaching the philosophy, principles, and practices of The 7 Minute Life. Her purpose is to help people thrive. She inspires people to reengage at work and in life with passion, purpose, clarity, commitment, productivity, kindness, excitement, adventure, creativity, innovation, and happiness.

It’s time to deal with the stress and distractions that are creating chaos, so you can start each day with clarity and purpose. Time is your most valuable asset. You need a razor-sharp focus to ensure every task contributes to the long-term vision for your life.

The 7 Minute Life Self-Guided Masterclass teaches you repeatable systems and strategies that propel you forward. This online time management course guides you from daily productivity methods to the neuroscience of lasting habits. The seven modules are actionable from start to finish, so you’re equipped with the tools and training to see significant results at work and at home. 

  Feel more fulfilled at work and more connected at home as you deliberately set the direction for your life.

Get inspired again to tackle your life with focus and enthusiasm.

Get clarity about your purpose and progress towards it with 90-day goals that are aligned with your priorities.

One-on-One Coaching with Allyson Lewis

A wise friend once told me, “You can be different tomorrow than you are today, but you must choose to be different.” Personal Coaching is a platform for change. There comes a point where you want more out of life. You want to learn and grow. You want to reconnect with your priorities, and rediscover your purpose. You want to set goals that are meaningful. You want to talk to someone that will help you move from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

Personal Coaching also includes:

  • time management
  • daily productivity
  •  goal setting
  •  reconnecting with your priorities
  • rediscovering your purpose
  • and, much more
Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next event? Allyson Lewis’s presentations are known to have a lasting effect on organizations and their people. A keynote presentation should be built on a foundation of memorable stories. Allyson’s favorite keynote programs are:

Time Management

Start with Happiness: The Power of Curiosity, Creativity, and Innovation in the Workplace

Neuroplasticity: The (Really Cool) Brain Science of Change

Contact us now to find out if she is available to speak at your next event: sales meetings, annual meetings, conferences, seminars, nonprofit events, or fundraisers.



Leadership Development Retreats

Leadership Retreats
 1-3 day intensive training in realistic goal-setting, cohesion, task organization and prioritization and efficient use of our most valuable resource – time. Your leaders will learn how to tap into the talents of their teams and set, achieve and adjust long and short term goals.

Senior Leadership and Talent Development is an investment in human capital.
Allyson’s training format is customized and interactive. You will learn visually and experientially. Concepts will be taught and the deep learning takes place through a peer-to-peer facilitated curriculum. You will learn about time management, increased productivity, goal setting, team communication, delegating roles and responsibilities, and much more.

If you are looking for a facilitator for your next Leadership Retreat, let’s talk.

Books and Planners

Grab your copy Allyson Lewis’s books on Amazon.

Let’s work together to bring purpose and happiness to the workplace.

Take your personal and professional development to the next level.

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