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Speaking FAQs

Welcome to our speaking FAQ page.  We have posted many of the most frequently asked questions.  For more information or to share your thoughts – please contact us:



Allyson Lewis

Allyson Lewis is an internationally renowned and acclaimed speaker, author and time management thought leader. She has shared her time management ideas to teach people how to have time to reengage with their life and their work.  Allyson has spoken at hundreds of events across the country including fortune five hundred companies. Allyson has helped thousands of people across the globe live more fulfilled lives by realigning their time management skills! Allyson appears widely in national media and works with corporations, non-profit organizations, universities, small/medium businesses and individuals as an executive coach, mentor and speaker.

Types of Engagements

Allyson Lewis can bring life and excitement and purpose to your next gathering/event. Her keynote speeches are known to have lasting effect on organizations and their people. Call 870.275.7674 to find out if she is available to speak at your next event: sales meetings, annual meetings, conferences, seminars, nonprofit events, or fundraisers.
1-3 day intensive training in realistic goal-setting, cohesion, task organization and prioritization and efficient use of our most valuable resource – time. Your leaders will learn how to, without coercion, tap into the talents of their teams and set, achieve and adjust long and short term goals.
A day or more spent offsite with all or part of your team provides a critical opportunity to disconnect from the daily office environment, step back and get a clear view of your organizational goals and how you are going about achieving them. You will go back to your office with a clear vision of where your organization wants to go and how you will get there.
Spend one day with your team and you can achieve a year’s worth of productive planning and creating a concrete business strategy. Most organizations plan sessions like this annually or semi-annually to review goals and the strategies to achieve them.
Corporations, associations, non-profit organizations, universities and individuals recognize the need to grow. These groups continue to contact Seven Minutes, Inc. wanting to follow the Seven Minute path to ignite a desire to change, to decide how to change, to  identify concrete ideas and to set core goals and objectives to implement change.

Speaking Fees

Allyson Lewis’s standard speaking fees vary. Please contact us for availability and fee structure.


Call for additional fee information if your organization is:

  • In Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Within 150 miles of Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Inside the state of Arkansas
  • A non-profit organization
  • A university or educational entity
  • A faith-based organization
  • Or, if multiple speaking events will be scheduled at the same time
It depends. In addition to Allyson’s speaking fee, there could be an additional fee for supplies depending on the workshop.

Travel and Expenses

Coach – Mainland United States
Business Class – International

Allyson travels from Jonesboro, Arkansas, about 80 miles from the Memphis, TN Airport and 130 miles from the Little Rock, AR airport

Standard hotel accommodations and transportation to and from the event.
Seven Minutes, Inc. will turn in all receipts within 30 days for reimbursement.

Additional Information

Audio and video recordings are almost always allowed.
Allyson enjoys speaking after breakfast and lunch functions, but only after the audience is finished eating and the waitstaff has stopped moving.
Allyson does not speak after dinner, or in any situation where the audience is consuming alcohol.
A/V Preferences

  • Allyson uses a Macbook Air
  • Projector
  • Mac connector to projector
  • Lapel mic if needed
  • Clicker

Classroom Set Up Preferences – only if possible:

  • Classroom style seating with a middle aisle
  • Long classroom style tables rather than round tables are preferred
  • A small table at the front for teaching supplies
Yes. Allyson is always happy to autograph books.

Speaking Topics

Books by Allyson

With The 7 Minute Solution, you can be a different person tomorrow from the person you are today—more energetic, more resilient, and more positive. A straightforward, inspirational process for getting from where you are to where you want to be, The 7 Minute Solution will help you in your relationships, personal life, career, and health. Allyson Lewis is a renowned Time Strategy expert and productivity speaker who has spent the last twenty-seven years developing and teaching concrete, actionable business ideas to executives all over the country. Now, in The 7 Minute Solution, she shares these winning techniques and explains how you can apply them to all aspects of life.

  • Clarify what matters most to you…and  start enjoying value-packed days doing what you love.
  • Rediscover your purpose… so that you can live into your highest potential.
  • Set 90 day goals that challenge and inspire you… to living with greater meaning.
  • Take control of the minutes of your day… and actually do what you say you want to do.
  • Train and reshape your amazing brain… so that success is inevitable.
  • Escape a life of busyness…and enter into a life of record-setting productivity.
  • Increase focus and reduce stress… experience more peace and guilt-free leisure.
The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner

This 270-Page Spiral Bound Planner Can Change Your Life in 7 Minutes a Day
Calendars, date books, and other reminder tools simply list your obligations. The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner helps you actively take charge of your time, orienting everything you do toward your most important priorities.

The Seven Minute Difference

Change happens in an instant. It is true you can be different tomorrow than you are today. The Seven Minute Difference is a Productivity and Time Management book that has been designed for sales people and corporate executives who are ready to look for new ideas and new ways to grow. Allyson’s objective is to revitalize each person who reads this book and attends this course. By giving concrete examples and actionable ideas, you can put her information to work immediately. John Maxwell says “ We are the way we are, because that’s the way we want to be.” Don’t be the same, choose to be different…choose to be better


Yes. We have multiple individual coaching programs that vary in length and cost.
Contact us for more information.
Yes. We have multiple coaching programs for teams that vary in length and cost. Contact us for more information.

Online Training

Yes. We have a complete online personal time management training programs.

Click Here to learn more about this 75 minute course.

Licensed Trainers

Yes. The 7 Minute Life offers a train-the-trainer program. Contact us for more information

One More Question?

Still need help? Please contact us further queries. We want to hear about your comments, suggestions and success stories.

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This is what more people are saying about our time management programs:

“This is the best seminar I have been to in five years because we got tangible solutions, Allyson speaks on a level that is understandable, and solutions for me and clients are simple.”
JoAnn Penovi


“Best presentation I have heard. Specific in terms of what to do and motivational to get it done. More importantly, this is life-changing for me-it gave me hope-hope and expectation that I can bring change and removal of distractions from my life.”
John Duncan


“The most awesome presentation I have ever attended. You are truly an incredible individual-caring, loving, unbelievably motivating. You must make everyone believe that they can do and be anything in the world they believe they can be. You have given us some wonderful steps to take to increase our (business) and improve our lives.”
Jane Stevens


“Hands down the best and most prolific day of education I have been through in years.  This was a true blessing to be able to attend and also open my heart to the information. Thank you.”
Jeff Ruddock

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