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Allyson Lewis is the Founder/CEO of the 7 Minute Life, a time management company. She is a globally recognized author and speaker. Her books have sold more than 130,000 copies and have been translated into Chinese, Turkish, Korean, and Spanish. Her YouTube channel has had more than 2.1 million minutes watched.

Allyson says, “Time is your most valuable currency. Time management skills are required to improve work/life balance and fight burnout. But time management is only the beginning. What people really want is more time to spend with their families. They want to reconnect with their priorities and purpose in life. They want to focus on meaningful work. People want their life to matter.”

Companies are investing in people. Personal and professional development is in high demand. Now, more than ever, companies want their employees to work with commitment, clarity, conviction, determination, and excitement.

Allyson worked in the financial services industry for 31 years including 24 years with Morgan Stanley and seven years with Merrill Lynch. Her clients include Kellogg’s, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, IMCA, and the FBI. She has been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV. Her work has been seen in Investor’s Business Daily, Advisor Today, Morningstar, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Success Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and Fast Company. 

Sample Programs

  • Fighting Burnout: The Top 3 Time Management Skills You Need to Reengage at Work
  • SMART Goals: Stop Putting Yourself Last – How to Set and Achieve Personal Goals
  • Start with Happiness: The Power of Passion, Purpose, and Meaningful Work

Mission of The 7 Minute Life

People are overwhelmed, stuck, frozen, exhausted, unhappy, and drifting through life. Our training, tools, and technology are creating a global shift in personal and professional development.  We help people maximize meaning in life through rediscovering the power of productivity, innovation, creativity, excellence, and purpose.

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Bring Innovation to Your
Leadership Development

Leadership Retreats
 1-3 day intensive training in realistic goal-setting, cohesion, task organization and prioritization and efficient use of our most valuable resource – time. Your leaders will learn how to tap into the talents of their teams and set, achieve and adjust long and short term goals.

Senior Leadership and Talent Development is an investment in human capital.
Allyson’s training format is customized and interactive. You will learn visually and experientially. Concepts will be taught and the deep learning takes place through a peer-to-peer facilitated curriculum. You will learn about time management, increased productivity, goal setting, team communication, delegating roles and responsibilities, and much more.

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Rewarding Curiosity



Lasting Impact

Lasting Change

The work itself has to be the meaningful driver.

As Seen In

"The 7 Minute Life and Allyson Lewis have changed my life. I am more focused and driven to accomplish the things that align my priorities with my purpose. The strategies I have employed are life changing. I can’t thank Allyson enough for her encouragement and her positive influence on my life."

Darla Frye-Guevremont

CEO C2EX/Key West Association of Realtors®

"The 7 Minute Life system has positively impacted all areas of my life. After discovering the things I valued, I developed a routine that helped me to prioritize and manage my time. The resources and support I received from   the 7 Minute Life community made the experience even more valuable. I recommend the 7 Minute Life to anyone wanting to make a substantial change."

Dr. Arcella Trimble

Licensed Psychologist

"No other planning approaches I’ve used in my career as a lawyer, banker and executive have helped me be as productive and focused on the right priorities as the ones produced by Allyson Lewis. I have been a customer of the 7 Minute Life since 2013 and expect to continue to be so for many years."

Jacob Worenklein


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