Starter Guide To Goals

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Starter Guide to Goals

Knowing where your going is essential to great time management. In this guide, you will learn how to to lay a solid foundation for wise and productive use of your time. In brief, we will cover:

  • The one step you must do BEFORE writing your goals so they will inherently meet your hopes and expectations, express your highest priority, and accomplish what’s important, not urgent.
  • The threefold powerful formula of making goals “present tense, sensory loaded, and positively stated”
  • The four most common mistakes you need to avoid so you don’t sabotage obtaining your goals.
  • The power and importance of having a ‘stretch goal’

This Starter Guide Explains

  • Why having 90 day goals is critical
  • Common time management mistakes, so you can avoid them
  • Answers to our most frequently asked question, to cut your time management learning curve in half
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to complete this worksheet, so you can build a rock-solid foundation for managing your time like a pro
  • Insider time management tips, tricks and strategies we haven’t shared any place else.
  • Encouraging and instructional emails
  • Links to blogs, videos, and other helpful resources
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