Starter Guide to Priorities

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Starter Guide to Priorities

With the help of this starter guide you will identify your top ten values, so you focus on what matters most, complete projects, and increase your productivity. Being clear on priorities is your first step to great time management.

  • Five damaging consequences of NOT knowing your priorities
  • Five life-giving benefits of knowing your priorities
  • The ‘win tracking strategy’ you can use to rapidly get your priorities back on track and transform values into actions
  • The often overlooked value of leveraging micro-actions for immediately achieving what matters most to you
  • Two simple strategies for ‘programming yourself to win’

This Starter Guide Explains

  • Why priorities are critical
  • Common time management mistakes, so you can avoid them
  • Answers to our most frequently asked question, to cut your time management learning curve in half
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to complete this worksheet, so you can build a rock-solid foundation for managing your time like a pro
  • Insider time management tips, tricks and strategies we haven’t shared any place else.
  • Encouraging and instructional emails
  • Links to blogs, videos, and other helpful resources
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