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Starter Guide to Purpose

Time management is impossible without understanding your life purpose. In this guide, we have distilled how to write a purpose statement down to just three easy to understand core elements. We’ve demystified the process and made it simple. We also share with you the most common mistakes people make when writing a purpose statement. Download the guide, so you don’t make those same mistakes. In brief, we will cover:

  • Our easy to understand three core elements of an actionable purpose statement, that takes the guess work out writing your statement.
  • How most people get the process of writing a purpose statement backwards and set themselves up for a pretty statement divorced from their heart’s deepest longings
  • Our three step process of “connect, write, and absorb” that will position your purpose statement at the front of your conscious mind, so that it shapes your daily actions
  • The joy and power of living out your life’s purpose

This Starter Guide Explains

  • Why understanding your purpose is critical
  • Common time management mistakes, so you can avoid them
  • Answers to our most frequently asked question, to cut your time management learning curve in half
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to complete this worksheet, so you can build a rock-solid foundation for managing your time like a pro
  • Insider time management tips, tricks and strategies we haven’t shared any place else.
  • Encouraging and instructional emails
  • Links to blogs, videos, and other helpful resources
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