Rediscovering your Purpose in Life

Discover your Purpose TODAY! Register For This Free WebinarNow   Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 The webinar is offered two times to meet your schedule Length: 1 hour taught by Allyson Lewis Why you should attend:  Purpose is the reason for which something is done Purpose is the depth of [...]

Time Management Idea #2: Set Your Priorities

What kind of face? This is the PRIORITY face! Why do so many people grumble, mumble, make smirky faces, procrastinate, and not know how to determine their priorities? Knowing your priorities in your personal life and in your work life are closely related to productivity and time management. Cutting through the noise and prioritizing what you [...]

What Are Your True Life Goals? Take The 7 Minute Life Challenge.

When you look at the path your life is on, do you like what you see? Or would you make changes? In 7 minutes, you can reconnect with your life’s true purpose…and change everything. There are only two ways to live: intentionally or unintentionally.  Time does not stop.  But we humans sometimes stop thinking about [...]

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How to Organize Your Life 101

You can break the grip of daily chaos, declutter your life, beat stress, and eliminate procrastination if you know how to organize your life using some simple basic steps. As any time management expert will tell you, the first big secret is to just STOP. Then use three basic steps to evaluate and make small [...]

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Boost Your Productivity in 7 Minutes or Less

With one sheet of paper and a few minutes, you can organize your life and boost productivity, just by crossing things off! That’s right - reduce the number of choices you need to make each day and your productivity will soar. Take a few minutes to do this in advance (rather than going through each [...]

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Webinar: Time Management Strategies REPLAY is now available

Join the 456 people who registered to watch this webinar. You can now watch the replay of the LIVE webinar: "Time Management Strategies" recently hosted by Allyson Lewis and John Arnold presented by The 7 Minute Life.  This one-hour time management video can now be watched by clicking on the video above. Subscribe to our [...]

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Book: The 7 Minute Solution: Download the Introduction & 1st Chapter

Now you can download the Introduction & the entire first chapter of The 7 Minute Solution by clicking here. Forget about ordinary time management—The 7-Minute Solution offers breakthrough time strategies. It is a straightforward, inspirational process filled with innovative ideas, human stories, concrete tools and the captivating science of how you can truly change your [...]

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Podcast: How to Focus on Your Highest Value Activitieswith Allyson Lewis & Joe Rugger

Find out how to focus on your Highest Value Activities. In this 52 minute downloadable interview. TiME strategy expert interviews Joe Rugger about how he is utilizing several key "7 Minute" worksheets. Press play to begin streaming the audio or right click the text link and choose save as or save link. Download [...]