The Business Travel Checklist

The Business Travel Checklist 2017-05-10T14:57:28+00:00

Business Travel Checklist

The Business Travel Checklist
This travel checklist is another example of how using a standardized template. The key to productivity is to create and utilize repeatable processes and systems. Human memory is fragile. Without a standardized template you are forced to depend on memory. Human memory is like relying on an erasable white board. You think back to your last trip and on a subconscious level you think to yourself, “What were the steps I took to plan for my last business trip? Did I make the plane reservations first or did I book my hotel? What online travel service did I use to book this trip? Where is my password for the online travel service? Who am I supposed to meet? Etc.”

Use this Travel Checklist Template as a repeatable process for all of your business trips.

Download the Business Travel Worksheet(PDF) –>

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