The Seven Minute Difference

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The Seven Minute Difference

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Change happens in an instant. It is true you can be different tomorrow than you are today. The Seven Minute Difference is a Productivity and Time Management book that has been designed for sales people and corporate executives who are ready to look for new ideas and new ways to grow. Allyson’s objective is to revitalize each person who reads this book and attends this course. By giving concrete examples and actionable ideas, you can put her information to work immediately. John Maxwell says “ We are the way we are, because that’s the way we want to be.” Don’t be the same, choose to be different…choose to be better.

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The Seven Minute Difference was the first of the three books written to help you Prioritize, Organize & Simplify® your life at work and at home.  Prioritizing means that you intentionally choose what parts of your life are most important to you and you decide to live you life in congruence with your life values.  Now is the time to choose how you will live your life. Now is the time to slow down long enough to prioritize your values, establish new goals, and create a systematic plan to become the person you want to be. Every day you make tiny choices about how you spend the minutes of your day. You choose with whom you will spend time, what you will read, what you’ll learn, and what you will eat. If you choose to focus on the positive opportunities in life, you can build the life skills necessary to reach new heights in your own personal growth.

The Seven Minute Difference is the book that started The 7 Minute Life concepts. The Seven Minute Difference is the book that begins the understanding of the framework for many of our 7 Minute ideas, systems and tools. The intention of this book is to help readers understand that time management is an enormous issue for all of us. But, far too many people can fill their lives with BUSY activities that are now in alignment with what they really want to accomplish in life. And the main reason they don’t feel that sense of fulfillment is that they have NEVER TAKEN THE TIME TO CLARIFY WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT AND WHO THEY REALLY WANT TO BE IN LIFE. Instead, people find themselves moving day-by-day as fast as they can, feeling completely overwhelmed, with no end in sight. They are surrounded by the CHAOS of the hundreds of Unfinished Items on their bottomless TO – DO lists.

Table of Contents:

1. Discovering your Purpose – and Passion

2. Expanding your Possibilities for Growth – Seven Minutes at a Time

3. Choosing Success – Every Day

4. Exceeding Your Customers’ Expectations

5. Powering Growth through Momentum

6. Pushing Past the One-Yard Line and Breaking through to Peak Performance

7. Life-Changing Decisions, Life-Changing Actions

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