Timeline Template for Life

A single sheet of paper to create a timeline for your life.

Tool Description

Timeline Template for Life

This template is broken down into twenty sections. Write the calendar year at the top of each section. The first ten boxes should be numbered with consecutive years. The next ten boxes are designed to be used in five year increments.

One of the principles of The 7 Minute Life is awareness. You can use this worksheet to write down major milestones you would like to reach during your lifetime.

Examples might include:

  • Finishing college
  • Continual learning
  • Buying a home
  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Starting a job
  • Work Certifications
  • Financial Goals
  • College planning for children
  • Bucket List activities
  • Travel
  • Set retirement date 
  • Taking care of parents

The timeline you plan will rarely be correct. But, being aware of the goals and desires will keep you aware of how you will choose to spend the days, months, and years of your life.

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