Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Use a Daily Planner

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Use a Daily Planner

Using a daily planner is absolutely essential to managing your time well and organizing your life.  Juggling work, deadlines, bills, children’s schedules, relationships, chores, special events, and more can be overwhelming.  Be honest with yourself — Do you realistically have the mental capacity to keep track of all of the demands in your life?  Most people will admit, they can’t.  That being the case, then you need a system to track and schedule what goes on in your life.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should use a daily planner:

1. Reduce stress

Life can be overwhelming.  Many people feel an immediate stress release simply by writing down information.  There is something freeing about the security of knowing the information is safely stored someplace other than your mind.  Also, having a written plan reduces stress by giving you a sense of greater control over your life.

2. Get more done

The old adage, “What gets scheduled, gets done” is so very true.  You increase your odds of taking action on a task dramatically when you write down what you intend to do. You also will prioritize when you are proactively planning your day rather than living a reactionary life.    High priority tasks will almost always yield higher results.  So, if bigger better results are what you are after, few things will out perform having a solid daily action plan.

3. Prevent mistakes

You are almost sure to miss appointments, due dates, or other critical deadlines  when you rely solely on your memory; particularly, if you are very busy.  Recording information in a daily planner also prevents you from double booking yourself and overcommitting. The consequence of forgetting an important meeting or deadline can be embarrassing, damaging to relationships, or costly.

4. Improve your memory

Using a daily planner actually increases your ability to remember things in two ways.  First, the physical act of recording something helps you remember.  Second, a planner that uses a daily repeatable system like The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner, physically rewires your brain for easier recall.  To learn more about how your brain is shaped by habits watch this video on neuroplasticity.

5. Move goals forward

A daily planner is a great place to record goals and track your progress.  Recording any metrics (measurable progress elements) for your goals in your planner typically increases performance and allows you to go back and evaluate performance.

Furthermore, a planner also serves as a constant physical reminder to work on your goals.  Each day when planning your work for the next day take a few moments to write down the action steps you will complete to achieve your goals.

6. Keep records

A daily planner offers easy access to appointments, tasks, and notes.  You can easily recall important information, such as, when did you last meet with a committee, go to the doctor, or attend a particular event?  You can also use a daily planner to track important data, such as, expenses, hours worked, critical actions taken on projects, contacts made with clients, and more. Quickly being able to lay your hand on that information can be amazingly helpful

7. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

Checking off a completed task is a subtly powerful experience.  Each time you check off a completed tasks you trigger a cascade of positive reactions in your brain.  Allyson Lewis describes this powerful experience in this way in the introduction to The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner,

The simple power of the checkmark is in itself a mysterious motivating power.  In a sense these lists (unfinished task lists in a planner) create a written contract you make with yourself.  By creating these lists, you are making an emotional commitment to complete these daily activities.  As straightforward as it may seem, there is an incredible power of emotional accomplishment each time a task is finished completely and marked off of your list.

8.  Improve Focus

Going into your day with a written action plan, is a bit like entering a grocery store with a shopping list.  A grocery list prevents you from wandering aimlessly, forgetting items you need, and buying on impulse items you don’t need.  A daily plan serves a similar function.  Your planner helps you purposefully focus how you use your time so you achieve critical tasks and minimize distractions.  This last statement is the very heart of great time management — Focused effort for maximum results with minimum distractions.

9. Get organized

How much of your life is is scattered on sticky notes, the backs of envelopes, scrap paper, or reminders posted on your refrigerator.  A daily planner offers one convenient place to record important information.  Having a planner eliminates hours of wondering, “Where did I put that note?  A single planner is so much easier to keep up with than a thousand notes.

10. Success

Success is really the bottom-line of everything listed above.  People who plan are far more successful than people who don’t, regardless of how you define success.  Whether success is having a meaningful day with your children or crushing it in sales, a person with a plan is always going to outperform someone without a plan — But not just a plan — You need a daily repeatable system for taking action.  That is exactly what a good daily planner will offer you.

A daily planner holds you accountable each day to living out your dreams, plans, and aspiration.  The routine of continually turning to your planner will keep you motivated and moving even during those times when you want to give up.

So, if you aren’t already using a daily planner, get one today.   Stop missing out on these benefits and many more.  How is tomorrow going to be what you want it to be, if you don’t plan for it today?

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