Unfinished Home and Work Tasks

As with any to-do list, it is important to actually DO what you’ve set out to accomplish. However, for a variety of reasons some tasks just don’t get done. In David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, he calls unfinished tasks “open loops.” As the name suggests, these open loops circle continually in your unconscious mind, popping up periodically in your consciousness. As soon as you remember that you have not completed a task, your brain focuses on it and prompts you to do it—immediately. You might be able to successfully bat it away like a pest from your consciousness, but it will fester and send out distress signals in your unconscious, making you miserable. The cycle continues until the job is done.

Use this worksheet to record your Unfinished Home Tasks. Once you write them down, your brain will stop reminding you to complete the task and you can focus on marking each one off your list of things to do.

Download the Unfinished Home Tasks Worksheet(PDF) →

Download the Unfinished Work Tasks Worksheet(PDF) →

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