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eLearning with Allyson Lewis


Business and Personal

Personal Development

One-on-One Coaching: Who are you today? Who do you want to be? Prioritize your values. Rediscover your purpose. Improve your time management. Increase productivity.


Business Development

Small Group

Your team might be in a single location or your team members could be in different parts of the world.  This training is suited for up to 20 participants at a time.


Talent Development

Who Trains the Leaders?

Leadership training for a single leader or a leadership team. Includes all of our core training time management, team communication, and goal setting.


3000 Attendees

Large Group

This format will hold up to 3000 attendees in a live format. Best for institutions including: Businesses, Associations, Non-Profit Groups, and Universities


Facilitated Training


This format is for small groups of highly motivated men and women to learn via Peer-to-Peer training. This is one of the fastest growing training formats. Reward your future leaders.
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Leverage your ROI through The 7 Minute Life University.
Strategic development for individuals, teams, leaders, and institutions.
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Allyson Lewis knows the demands of today’s corporate environment.
Increasing productivity and leveraging your internal human capital is the new ROI.
Leverage is delivered through continual learning.

Why “The 7 Minute Life University” is for you

The 7 Minute Life University will equip you to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify® your life at work and at home. We will give you the concrete time management and productivity coaching, tips, tricks and tools to help you organize your life into manageable pieces that we call “7 Minute” micro-actions.

The 7 Minute Life University is Created Specifically For

1. INDIVIDUALS: who want to hire a personal time management coach, but simply can’t afford $500 to $1000 per hour.

2. SALES PEOPLE: who feel they have lost their competitive edge and want to re-engage in their daily work.

3. COMPANIES: searching to provide competitively priced instant digital/online development training to their employees.

4. MANAGERS AND DIRECTORS: leading teams of highly motivated associates who would love to be able to share these short 10-15 minute training videos and tools with all of their team members for one low price.

5. MOMS AND DADS: who find themselves with too much “to-do” and not enough time.

6. ENTREPRENEURS: who are overwhelmed by the chaos and clutter of running a solo-business.

What Courses Do We Offer?

Through the 7 Minute Life University we will be offering a wide variety of courses.

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