Depressed? Stuck? Here's what you can do...

In this video, John reveals the nuts and bolts daily actions he used to sustain momentum out of depression and into a life he loves. This webinar is all about action. You are going to come away from this video  with tangible actions you can take to improve your life every day.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • A quick exercise you can do to make your highest values tangible activities you can live into
  • An evening journaling exercise that takes less than five minutes to train your mind to process your day in terms of your highest priorities
  • The power of affirmations to help you re-write the scripts in your head that are holding you back

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This video is the second video in a series of three.  

The other videos are:

Video 1:  How to Begin to Get Your Priorities Straight

In video one, John shares how he began to move out of depression and back into a life he loves.  You will learn about:

  • Clarity – The three pictures you need to be crystal clear on to move forward
  • Cost – How to count the cost of moving forward and the importance of counting the cost of staying where you are
  • Consistent action – How to put in place routines and “micro-actions” that shape your character so you can change your situations.
  • The difference between living reactively to you environment or living proactive driven by your priorities
  • How to stagger deadlines when you are juggling too many priorities and how that can help relieve stress.
  • How to put ‘triggers’ in place to prompt you to stick to what you intended to do
  • Reviewing your progress regularly, so goals and priorities don’t just set on a list as a good intention
  • And much more

Video 3:  How to Escape Overcommitment and Protect Your Priorities by Saying No Without Feeling Guilty

When you feel depressed and trapped you are overwhelmed and often times overcommitted to everyone’s priorities and expectations but your own.  In this webinar I am going to share with you:

  • Why saying ‘no’ isn’t actually your problem. (You are better at saying ‘no’ than you think)
  • 3 reasons you might be repeatedly saying ‘yes’ to things you don’t really want to do
  • The guilt-free formula of saying ‘no’

One thing you will love about these webinars is that I take time to answer everyone’s questions, so you are sure to get the help you need.  Plus, this isn’t a bunch of cookie cutter theoretical answers.  Everything in these webinars comes from lessons I’ve learned the hard way, so that you don’t have to.

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